New Edition of 9-Year-Old PS4 Hit Now Available for PS5 and PC

After its release in the summer of 2015, Until Dawn attracted significant attention and was seen as a trailblazer for other horror games in the genre. Sony recently confirmed that the game will not only receive further ports, but also a remastered version.

Until Dawn will soon no longer be exclusive to PS4

Nine years ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment released the horror game Until Dawn. Until Dawn offers players one interactive film experience with a branching narrative where every decision decides the fate of the characters. The plot revolves around the survival of eight friends who return to a remote mountain cabin where two of their group had previously disappeared.


Until Dawn was previously only available to PS4 players, but that is set to change later this year. Sony announced during the latest State of Play that the game will be released not only for the PS5, but also for the PC. The port is being carried out by British studio Ballistic Moon. Sony promises that the upcoming ports revised and optimized for more modern platforms will be. A specific release date has yet to be announced, but Sony has confirmed that Until Dawn will be available for both platforms in 2024.

Sony has already released a first announcement trailer:

The comments show enormous anticipation for the remastered game. Many express their enthusiasm and eagerly await it. At the same time, some fans want new scenes to enrich the gaming experience. (Source: YouTube).

On the Metacritic website, Until Dawn has a stable rating of 79 and the horror game also did quite well in our test:


(Source: Metacritic).

Until Dawn will also be released as a film

The game was able to captivate countless horror fans with its story – reason enough to make a film of the game. At least that's what director David F. Sandberg, who is known for films like Annabelle: Creation or Lights Out, thought. In collaboration with screenwriter Gary Dauberman and Sony, Screen Gems is to create a “love letter to the horror genre” for the big screen.