New Chaos Space Marines Screenshots Released for SPACE MARINE 2

A new trailer for the highly anticipated game “Warhammer 40,000: SPACE MARINE 2” was released at the recently held “Summer Game Fest 2024,” and a full explanatory trailer was announced. With its release date of September 9, 2024 fast approaching, publisher Focus Entertainment has now released four new screenshots focusing on the Chaos Space Marines that will appear in the game.

An explanatory trailer introducing an overview of the game's gameplay is scheduled to be released at 9:00 AM PT on June 20th (1:00 AM June 21st Japan time).


Check out the latest screenshots below to see Thousand Sons' Terminator Armor, Cultists, and Sorcerers.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2

The technique brings death

Display the superhuman skill and ruthlessness of a Space Marine. Wield powerful abilities and devastating weaponry to eliminate hordes of ruthless Tyranids. Defend your Imperium in an epic third-person action game available in solo or multiplayer modes.

Wipe out the relentless Tyranid hordes

Use your super-powered abilities and devastating arsenal to thwart a galactic terror in epic battles on far-flung planets, uncover dark secrets, and defeat the eternal galactic night to prove your ultimate loyalty to humanity.

Defend the Empire in three-player cooperative play

Enjoy intense, bloody, fast-paced third-person action with tons of enemies on screen and wipe out relentless Tyranid hordes in an epic new campaign. Play solo or with up to two friends in three-player co-op.

Create and play your own Space Marines

Become a Space Marine and save the Empire in a brutal, replayable PvE campaign featuring six different classes. Bring glory to your faction by unlocking new skills and cosmetics, or wage eternal war against your enemies in brutal 6v6 PvP matches!

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