New breakthrough in “going to sea”, my country’s passenger diesel EMU exported to the UAE for the first time

Gamingdeputy reported on January 31 that my country’s high-end equipment “going to sea” has made new breakthroughs. On January 31, Sifang Co., Ltd. under CRRC signed a contract with Etihad Railway Company of the United Arab EmiratesSupply Contract for Passenger Diesel Multiple Unit Projectincluding 21 high-speed DMUs (3 trains) with an operating speed of 200 kilometers per hour and up to 140 (20 trains) additional purchase options, as well as 15-year maintenance services for all relevant trains.

This is the first time that my country’s passenger diesel EMUs have been exported to the UAEwill help the UAE to establish the first trunk railway passenger transport service.

▲ Picture source CRRC

To promote trade and economic growth,The UAE is planning a new national rail network linking all seven emirates, is the largest infrastructure construction project in the national plan of the UAE’s “Project for the Next 50 Years”. The DMU project signed this time, as an important part of the UAE Railway Development Plan, will be used to serve the UAE national railway passenger transport and become the first batch of mainline railway passenger trains in the UAE.


Gamingdeputy understands that according to the contract, the project train is a high-speed internal combustion EMU with centralized power.It adopts 7 trains (2 moving and 5 dragging), with a maximum operating speed of 200 kilometers per hour and a construction speed of 220 kilometers. It is currently the world’s highest speed DMU. The train will be built according to the operational needs of the national railway in the UAE, using international advanced standards and technologies to meet the special operating environment of the UAE, such as high temperature and sandstorms. The train has first-class seats, second-class seats, and a family area. It will be equipped with advanced air-conditioning systems, passenger facilities such as WIFI in the carriages, charging ports, and an intelligent operation and maintenance system to provide comfortable and intelligent passenger service experience.

According to the plan,This batch of internationally advanced modern high-speed diesel EMUs is expected to be put into trial operation on the UAE National Railway in 2025. At that time, it will help the UAE to establish a trunk railway passenger transport service for the first time, providing a faster and more efficient new mode of transportation between key cities in the UAE, and greatly shortening travel time.