New Assassin’s Creed Game Promises a Refreshing Twist for Fans

Assassin's Creed is about to be released in a form you've never seen before. If you're a fan of the Ubisoft license, we bet you'll want to play it as soon as it's released!

After warming up well in 2023 with Mirage and Nexus, Assassin's Creed is moving on to the second this year! Shadows, the next big title has finally been announced for fall 2024. The game is therefore occupying all the attention of fans, who can't wait to discover, as they have been waiting for a long time, the first opus of the franchise in Japan . With its two protagonists at complete odds with each other, the adventure promises to be rich in sensations. So let's hope that the title will live up to expectations. But, to set the stage, Ubisoft has prepared another surprise for fans. We don't know about you, but we really want to play it.


Play Assassin's Creed like you've never done before

The project was revealed at the start of the year: Assassin's Creed is getting an extraordinary spin-off. THE July the 5th Next you will be able to find your favorite heroes in the form of Magic the Gathering playing cards. The famous TCG license (Trading Card Game) is increasingly developing its collaborations with big geek culture franchises. Last year, the series of cards dedicated to Lord of the Rings was a great success. Then, last March, a Fallout expansion was released. Soon, Ubisoft's cult franchise will be included in the already essential “Infinite Universe” collection.

In recent weeks, the Assassin's Creed card series has been revealed more and more. And, if you doubt it, know that this is indeed a series that is being played out. Find the rules of Magic the Gathering rethought through the prism of the creed. But, above all, play with legendary characters! From Ezio Auditore to Kassandra, your favorite heroes will obviously be there. Even Desmond and Layla, our modern-day assassins, are entitled to their cards. Iconic NPCs will also be playable, like Leonardo da Vinci, the Templars or even Rohshan from Mirage.

Assassin's Creed or not, as with other series of Magic cards, each therefore has its own attack or defense specificities, as well as an associated element. To strengthen your game, you can also rely on spells, which here take the form of rituals or enchantments, as well as on artifacts such as theAnimus or the secret blade. But, the interest of this series could well be based on a stealth game mode with the White Room frames cards!

Where to pre-order these Magic cards?

The Assassin's Creed series will therefore be released on July 5. It will be available in the form of standard and collector boosters, as well as with a starter deck or a much more complete bundle. You can now pre-order what interests you at Micromania: