New addon for Civilization 6 lets you rule with another German leader

Gone are the days when Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa was the only German leader in Civilization 6! Because thanks to the Great Builders Pack, which is also part of the Leader Pass, there are now three more leaders. Including Ludwig II. He is joined by Sejong and Theodora, who all have unique abilities.

Ludwig II, also known as the Swan King of Bavaria, was less interested in politics than in bringing the fairy tales of his homeland to life. In Civilization, it gives all wonders a +2 culture bonus for each adjacent district.

Sejong from the Korean Joseon Dynasty is known for reviving his country’s infrastructure, science and artistic life. His unique leader ability is Hangul, which provides twice as much Science as Culture per turn when you complete the first technology of a new era.

Theodora played a crucial role in strengthening later Orthodox Christianity and the Building the backbone of the Byzantine Empire. Her unique ability grants a culture bonus to holy sites and a faith bonus to farms.

The DLC released on March 15th and is the penultimate from the leader pass. Rulers of England will appear in the future. You can also use the new leaders to find out how they would fare during the zombie apocalypse.