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The cartoons we see in the future will change.

Because it is probably not done by people!

Not just recently, Netflix (Netflix) officially released an animated short film “Dog and Boy”:


This animated short film tells the story of a robot dog meeting a boy and playing with each other; but then they had to go their separate ways because of the outbreak of war; finally, after decades of waiting by the robot dog, he finally saw the old man again.

Netflix's first AIGC cartoon, not made by humans, starts broadcasting: Made by Xiaoice

Judging from the style of the animated short film, it belongs to a very typical Japanese manga style, but it was not until the screen came to the curtain call that the difference appeared:

Netflix's first AIGC cartoon, not made by humans, starts broadcasting: Made by Xiaoice

That’s right!The animation scene drawing work in this animated short film is done by AI!

The world’s first AIGC animation short film

AIGC has now become a global hotspot, but most of them are still in the stage of technical demonstration, and generally have not yet achieved work-level landing.

It is understood that “Dog and Boy” is the first distribution-level work of AIGC technology-assisted commercial animation.

But this is not entirely done by Netflix alone, but co-created with Xiaoice’s Japanese branch (rinna) and WIT STUDIO.

Netflix's first AIGC cartoon, not made by humans, starts broadcasting: Made by Xiaoice

In this animation short film, Xiaoice uses artificial intelligence technology to draw complete animation scenes, unveiling a new future for animation production.

As Tanaka Hiroshi, the director of photography of “Dogs and Boys”, said:

Human creators often create multiple works at the same time, and it is difficult to devote all their energy to one work. Therefore, how to give creators more time for creative work is a question worth thinking about.

Animation director Ryotaro Makihara said:

Having the latest technology as your partner ensures that the creator has enough time to get back to the fundamental, creative work he needs to do.

About Xiaoice

Xiaoice, formerly known as Microsoft’s artificial intelligence Xiaoice team, will be split into an independent technology research and development entity in 2020 to achieve complete localization.

The Xiaoice framework is the most practical and complete AI Being basic framework in the world, covering 660 million online users, 1 billion third-party smart devices and 900 million content viewers in China, Japan, Indonesia and other countries, and commercial customers covering the world.

Among them, the penetration rate in the field of smart cars exceeds 60%, and the commercialization results in the field of AIGC have also been widely used in vertical fields such as finance, culture, textiles, and tourism.

In 2019, the Xiaoice team proposed the definition of AI Being. After several years of development, AI Beings provided by Xiaoice framework technology has been actively used in corporate and personal scenarios.

AI Beings that continues to operate stably includes “Cui Xiaopan”, the annual outstanding employee of Vanke Group, “Hóng”, the first virtual analyst of Sequoia China, “Luo Tianyi”, the virtual singer, “N Xiaohei” and “N Xiaohei”, the virtual anchor of the daily economic news. N Xiaobai” and so on.

In addition, as an experimental product, several virtual anchors such as “Little Cousin” generated by the Xiaoice framework have played more than 100 million on the entire network, fully reflecting the advantages of Xiaoice’s framework technology in a wide range of application scenarios.

As an important part of empowering AI Being with creativity, Xiaoice has deployed AIGC for many years, and has taken the lead in forming a stable commercial landing and product array of text, sound, and images.


In terms of text, Xiaobing Financial text generation products cover about 90% of institutional investors.

In terms of painting, the ink painting created by “Xia Yubing” is the only artificial intelligence painting selected for the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo last year.

In terms of sound, all kinds of works created by Xiaoice for lyrics and singing have been adopted as the theme songs for important events such as the Shanghai Grand Theater Performance Season, the Chengdu Universiade, and the World Artificial Intelligence Conference. It is also the promotion song for the first National Reading Conference this year. Concentration, the only artificial intelligence work selected.