Netflix offers you a Christmas as royal as it is surprising thanks to its December 2023 series

Culture news Netflix offers you a Christmas as royal as it is surprising thanks to its December 2023 series


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The month of December cannot easily be separated from the Christmas period. As such, Netflix has decided to give you some gifts by offering diverse and varied series which are likely to satisfy a very eclectic audience. Whether you are more into action, drama, animation or thriller, we offer you a selection of the most promising Netflix series for December 2023.



  • Pax Massilia
  • The Crown
  • The Pokémon receptionist
  • Berlin
  • Also available in December 2023 on Netflix

Pax Massilia

Do you know the French actor and director Olivier Marchal? Although he played in many different films, it is mainly to him that we owe some legendary creations of French action cinema such as 36 Quai des Goldsmiths, The Lyonnais, Bronx or Overdose. In December 2023, Olivier Marchal returns behind the camera to offer us a brand new detective series which may well keep you awake: Pax Massilia. During the 6 episodes that make up this first season, you will have the opportunity to discover a dangerous and eventful city of Marseille, as Bac Nord was able to do before it. Pax Massilia then follows the adventures of a group of police officers with particular methods during the hunt for a dangerous criminal who could well plunge the city into a bloodbath. If you want to discover Pax Massilia, all you have to do is connect to Netflix from December 6.

  • Available December 6
  • Find out everything about Pax Massilia on Allociné

The Crown

Highly anticipated by fans of the series broadcast since 2016 on Netflix, the sixth and final season of The Crown finally arrived on the SVOD platform last month, at least in part. Because yes, for the first time since the start of the series, this sixth season was divided into two parts, and while the first was broadcast in November, it is the turn of the second to surface from the 14 December. After discovering a fictionalized version of the life of a couple between Princess Diana and Prince Charles until the tragic death of the first, the second and final part of this final season should focus on the marriage between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles , in addition to exploring the beginning of the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton. If you just can’t wait to discover the end of this anthology series which has made Netflix successful in recent years, all you have to do is book a few evenings from December 14.

  • Season 6 Part 2 available December 14
  • Find out everything about The Crown on Allociné

The Pokémon receptionist

Apart from Pokémon: Detective Pikachu and the multiple seasons of the animated series broadcast for more than 20 years, the pocket monsters license ultimately did not offer that many adaptations. This month of December 2023, Netflix intends to change the situation by broadcasting a brand new original series in the Pokémon universe called The Pokémon Receptionist. If we do not yet know how many episodes will make up this first season, we already know that it was entirely produced in stop motion and we were even able to benefit from a first trailer. We might as well tell you that the project exudes happiness and that everything seems as cute as it is colorful, enough to interest many fans of the license (or even newcomers). In The Pokémon Receptionist, you can discover the story of Haru, a young concierge in a holiday hotel dedicated to Pokémon. She will then have to learn to know them and listen to them to allow them to have the best possible time, and suffice to say that the Psyduck who accompanies her may well pose some difficulties for her. To discover this new series, you will have to connect to Netflix from December 28.


You loved it The House of Paper and you don’t know what to do with your life since the series ended? Netflix has finally thought of you and invites you to rediscover its universe thanks to a spin-off series available at the end of December: Berlin. Fans of the original series know that behind this name hides that of one of the most emblematic characters, also called Andrés de Fonollosa by those who know his true identity. In this new series, you will be able to find this iconic character (still played by Pedro Alonso) and discover his story dating from before the events of The House of Paper. Contrary to what the name of the series might indicate, you will then find him in Paris while preparing his legendary theft of jewelry worth 44 million euros. To organize this legendary heist, he will need a group of criminals ready for anything that he intends to unearth in the city of love. To find Berlin again, you will have to wait until the end of December since the spin-off series will be available from December 29, 2023 on Netflix.

  • Available December 29
  • Find out everything about Berlin on Allociné

Also available in December 2023 on Netflix

  • Sweet Home (Season 2 – December 1)
  • Yu Yu Hakusho (Season 1 – December 14)
  • Kyongsong’s Creature (Season 1, Part 1 – December 22)
  • Paw Patrol: La Pat’Patrouille (Seasons 3 and 4 – December 31)

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