Netflix November 2021. List of news

The original movie “Red Note” and the live action series “Cowboy Bepop” will be the highlights of the Netflix news this November. What else will we see on the platform next month? Here is a preliminary list.

Netflix movies and series in November

The long-touted “Red Note” is a Netflix film starring The Rock, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The film focuses on two criminals and an FBI agent whose paths will cross in unusual ways. A wanted poster for one of the criminals will thwart their plans, but it will bring a chance for quite a spectacle. The film will be released on Netflix on November 12, and a week later, a production titled “tick, tick … BOOM!”, Starring Andrew Garfield, will be launched.

He will play the role of a young composer from New York, who is on the brink of a great career, but for the time being earns money as a waiter. Jon is looking forward to the premiere of his musical, which will make him famous, but problems grow: the girl dreams of running away from the city, and in the background there is the topic of the AIDS epidemic. The third major film premiere will be Jeymes Samuel’s “Revenge of the Gunslinger” with Idris Elba in the cast – it will appear on Netflix on November 3. From its own series, Netflix has already announced “Cowboy Bepop”, the acting version of the famous anime, as well as “Hellbound” straight from Korea, the country responsible for the well-received “Squid Game” with record viewership around the world.

Movies licensed on Netflix

From the production under license, it is worth paying attention to the classic horror films from 1973, “The Exorcist”, as well as Tim Burton’s film “Corpse Bride”. The platform will also add “What a beautiful day” – a film by Marielle Heller starring Tom Hanks. The actor plays Mr. Rogers – a unique host of children’s programs, interviewed by a New Yorker journalist (Matthew Rhys). Tom will find out how you can change your life by introducing more empathy and kindness to it.

More known novelties for November can be found on the list below. We still have to wait for the official announcement of the prime minister in November.

Exorcist The Exorcist 01.lis 1973 8.0
Corpse bride Corpse Bride 01.lis 2005 07.mar
Intregalde Intregalde 01.lis 2021 07.mar
Legend Zorro The Legend of Zorro 01.lis 2005 06.feb
Below deck: Mediterranean Sea – season 3 Below Deck Mediterranean 01.lis 2016 07.mar
Thousands of miles of loneliness Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles 01.lis 2005 07.mar
Saawariya Saawariya 01.lis 2007 05.apr
Choristers Our Ladies 01.lis 2021 7.0
Angry Birds Toons – sezon 4 Angry Birds Toons 01.lis 2013 May 6
Camera Body Cam 02.lis 2020 05.apr
Nicholas involuntarily Santa in Training 02.lis 2019 02 sep
And we keep playing Mighty Oak 02.lis 2020 05.sty
What a beautiful day A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 03.lis 2019 07.mar
Queen & Slim Queen & Slim 04.lis 2019 07.sty
Netflix Original
Ridley Jones: The Guardian of the Museum Ridley Jones 02.lis Season 2
Claus family The Claus Family 01.lis
Revenge of a gunslinger The Harder They Fall 03.lis
Narcos: Mexico Narcos: Mexico 05.lis Season 3
Big Mouth Big Mouth 05.lis Season 5
Unlikely murderer The Unlikely Murderer 05.lis Miniserial
Club The Club 05.lis Season 1
A love trap Love Hard 05.lis
A movie about policemen A Cop Movie 05.lis
Wound Wound 05.lis
Love at a distance Meenakshi Sundereshwar 05.lis
The speed of courage Zero to Hero 05.lis
We couldn’t grow up We Couldn’t Become Adults 05.lis
Arcane Arcane 07.lis Season 1
Father Christmas is Back Father Christmas is Back 07.lis
Radio exchange Swap Shop 09.lis Season 1
Gentefied Gentefied 10.lis Season 2
Between Passing 10.lis
Red note Red Notice 12.lis
In the rhythm of the holidays Christmas Flow 17.lis Season 1
King of the tigers Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness 17.lis Season 2
Princess Swap 3 The Princess Switch: Romancing the Star 18.lis
Cowboy Bebop Cowboy Bebop 19.lis Season 1
Hellbound Hellbound 19.lis Season 1
Glassblowers: Holidays Blown Away: Christmas 19.lis Season 1
tick, tick…BOOM! tick, tick…BOOM! 19.lis
New World New World 20.lis Season 1
Rulers of the Universe: Revelation Masters of the Universe: Revelation 23.lis Part 2
Battered Bruised 24.lis
Honest truth True Story 24.lis
Rudzik Rudzia Robin Robin 24.lis
A boy called the Asterisk A Boy Called Christmas 24.lis
Super Crooks Super Crooks 25.lis Season 1
School of Chocolate School of Chocolate 26.lis Season 1
Christmas castle A Castle for Christmas 26.lis
Elves Elves 28.lis Season 1
7 prisoners 7 prisoners November

Source: Netflix, Upflix

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