Netflix catalog August 2022, many new features: 2 surprises for gamers

Netflix catalog August 2022, lots of new movies and TV series are coming for Italy subscribers. And gamers can rejoice

The entertainment platforms continue to arouse the interest of millions and millions of people who are subscribers and who can’t wait to know what new products will be arriving in the month that is approaching. In this case we are talking about Netflixthe big red N that has dramatically revolutionized the world of entertainment by actually giving way to revolution in streaming movies and TV series. And somehow throwing the shoots for what was then the failed Google Stadia experiment, and the much more successful Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming.

Netflix catalog August 2022, many new features: 2 surprises for gamers

It’s certainly not a good time for Netflix, that keeps losing subscribers from month to month. Some business choices that are not exactly shareable have turned many paying customers away, especially with regard to the continuous threats to those who share the account with someone. And even the exclusive products supplied in recent months have not really convinced completely. Fortunately for subscribers, though, August 2022 it seems like a very rich and interesting month.

Netflix catalog of August 2022, all the news

Netflix announced all new products coming to subscribers in August 2022. The catalog will expand substantially, with new movies and TV series that could tease audiences and quite a lot. Note that there are two very interesting surprises for those who love video games.

Netflix logo
Netflix logo

In fact, the series of Tekken Bloodline, a very famous violent fighting game with a really intricate plot. As well as the new season of Cuphead, a very nice but also extremely brutal title, with characteristic graphics and a retro taste. Here are all the new products arriving on the Netflix catalog in August 2022.

05/08 The Sandman
10/08 Locke & Key season 3
12/08 Never have I ever season 3
12/08 Day Shift – Hunting for vampires
16/08 The Amazing Spider-man
17/08 Parallel Lines
08/18 Tekken: Bloodline
19/08 The Cuphead Series !: part 2
26/08 Me time – a weekend all to myself

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