NetEase Releases Japanese Version of “Under The Waves” for PS4 and PS5

NetEase Games announced that the Japanese package version of “Under The Waves” will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on December 14, 2023. The price is 3980 yen (tax included: 4378 yen). This work is a deep sea exploration adventure game developed by Parallel Studio and produced by Quantic Dream’s new publishing label, Spotlight by Quantic Dream, featuring poetic storytelling.




■Surfrider Foundation

“Under The Waves” is a love letter to the ocean and supports ocean conservation efforts. For this reason, Parallel Studio and Spotlight by Quantic have partnered with the Surfrider Foundation Europe, an international association dedicated to protecting the marine environment. “Under The Waves” provides the environmental message of “Surfrider Foundation Europe” through the beautiful deep sea world and poetic story.


■Under The Waves Japanese package version

[First production benefit]
The packaged version includes original benefits limited to the first production. Includes an art book that allows you to enjoy the game more deeply, including the game’s setting pictures, concept art, and early character designs, as well as stickers of characters appearing in the game.


・Original art book
A gorgeous art book containing setting pictures and concept art. Get a glimpse behind the scenes and immerse yourself even more deeply in the world of “Under the Waves.”

・Original sticker
Stickers featuring cute deformed characters. Freely paste your favorite characters and create your own collection.


■Three points to enjoy the game

・To the beautiful and fantastic world of the deep sea
Immerse yourself in the beautiful and fantastical world of the deep sea, depicted with movie-like graphics. Enjoy an overwhelming sense of reality and a unique world view that mixes reality and fantasy.

・A poetic story of love and sadness
Stan struggles on a mission in the deep sea despite his emotional scars. How will she face her fluctuating emotions and the important decision that approaches her final choice? A wave of emotion that arises at the end of your journey will envelop you.

・Deep sea open world exploration
Explore the vast depths of the ocean in a special wetsuit and submarine. Discover story-telling items and sea creatures, and experience an open world filled with the charm of the deep sea.

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