Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution (Nintendo Switch) – The test

Neptunia, Neptunia, Neptunia. You obviously know these games, since since 2010 we have had almost one game per year from this license. Compile Heart and Idea Factory tend to stay in their comfort zone to offer us fan service games aimed at a certain type of player. Often in English only, this year the developers have made the effort to translate. But was it a good idea? Well prepare your most beautiful Dakimakura, let's go for Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution!

What if we started creating video games?

Neptune (called the other Neptune, so it's the Neptune of the spin-offs) is a bug hunter who can cross dimensions. She arrives in a new dimension, loses her Nep Note and is separated from Croire (a character sealed in the Nep Note, which allows travel between dimensions), so can no longer teleport again. She then finds herself in a ruined building which contains a games console. She plays a little game, comes across a very bad game, but which makes it very funny and addictive. 3 goddesses then appear, grouped under the name of “Goddesses of Failure”: Reedio, Pippih and Jagaa. It is these goddesses who created the famous draw game.


Neptune is quickly attracted by their stories and decides to become the CEO of Victory, a new video game company, because in this Neptunia's universe everything revolves around the creation of video games. The game's dungeons are sales zones, meaning you can only sell a video game in an area you own, and to get there you have to finish the dungeon.

Then, we of course have the whole creation of a game itself, you will advance in the dungeons to help people or even make people talk about you and following that you will have requests from people who want to join. to your team. These developers will be able to be placed on projects that will be done in real game time. These projects will have to be chosen according to your developers; if all developers can develop all games, they will have specialties and to do this you will really have a lot of choice. If you decide to make an RPG, you will then have to choose the type of RPG like casual, story-driven, etc. As you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock new types of games to develop.

Creating games will cost you relatively expensive in CP, a currency dedicated to developments, therefore to pay your developers, to compensate for events that may occur during the creation of a game or even for a skill tree linked precisely to these creations games. The games created are not just there to enrich the lore, they bring in a little CP, but above all produce games that can be equipped by your heroines and thus provide rather interesting bonuses.

It's not “horrible”, but it's laggy

On the gameplay side, we therefore have 4 elements, of course the whole story part with a lot of text and discussions, but rather pleasant overall. Already, it's translated into French and we're not going to complain about it, there's a lot of humor, it doesn't hesitate to include “White Dragons with Blue Eyes”, a satire of the console war with 3 goddesses who represent Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. But above all the game revolves a lot around piracy and theft of intellectual property. Tinted with humor throughout, which is rather pleasant.


The other element is of course creating games and managing our development studio, we've already talked about that quite a bit. We can add that as we level up, we will also have objects to place to decorate, but above all to boost certain types of developers.

The 3rd element is these famous “Sales Zones”, in other words the dungeons. And unfortunately it's not very pleasant, we suffer a little too much from this part of gameplay which is still at the center of the game. Usually, when it is in RPG format like here, the series focuses on a team of 3 girls , but here we are going to have 4, because yes we have not specified it yet but the entire universe is only made up of girls, in order to completely leave you the choice of your favorite Waifu. The dungeons will only be rather classic corridors, with this principle of “door” each time: you go to the end of a corridor to activate a button to return to the same corridor and have a new path which is open, you quickly unlock a motorcycle that allows you to go very fast is always a bonus. The settings are rather ugly and uninspired, with often questionable textures and above all a rather violent lack of detail, so we have come a long way with the series, but the whole thing looks a bit like the smoothing of a PS3 game. But apart from these textures we also have enemies visible on the screen, never more than 3 or 4 otherwise it would be messy I suppose… Once a fight has started, we arrive in a round arena, overall also quite ugly, and we come to what hurts the most… The fighting.

The fights are rather uninteresting and constitute the 4th and last element of the game. We spam two keys, the attacks will follow one another and we will be able to manage their sequences from our character management menu. When you finish a chain, you can switch to another character using the direction arrows, which will create the start of a chain, the goal then being to chain these chains. Because with each increase in the chain, you will make a big attack and above all increase a damage multiplier. If the fight lasts a little long, you will unlock your special attack, then your ultimate attack and finally you will also have a transformation available to be even stronger. The problem is that we're just spamming, it's not very interesting and with the effects it quickly becomes pixelated everywhere. But above all, there is a lot of lag and very often freezes, frankly technically it is difficult.

The motorcycle which allows us to go faster in our travels will also allow us to play mini games that are rather anecdotal and sometimes too hard to be completely successful.

This is a general comment on the game but it's technically flawed. We tend to give up on the games in the license, but after a while it starts to take a long time, we are released one game per year, more and more spin-offs without finishing the main story , to finally get us out of games that are technically failing… It might be time to spend a little more time on finishing the title.

Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution is available on theeShop at fifty euros.



  • Humor in writing
  • An RPG in French
  • The drawings and the entire 2D part and dialogues


  • This is not beautiful
  • It's technically a mess, it lags and freezes galore
  • Music quickly painful
  • Empty environments
  • A quickly boring combat system
  • Dungeons are just boring hallways (with a painful door opening system)

Note details

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Soundtrack
  • Maneuverability
  • Content