NBA 2K24 on Nintendo Switch, what does it look like? (gameplay video)

Available for a while on Nintendo Switch, the port of NBA 2K24 on Nintendo Switch is currently being tested in the editorial office.

But while waiting for a full opinion on this opus and the quality of the port, our tester offers you a short homemade gameplay video of the game.


Gather your team and explore the past, present and future of basketball culture in NBA 2K24. Immerse yourself in incredibly pure action, with unlimited customization options for your MyPLAYER in MyCAREER. Collect an impressive selection of legends and form your perfect team in MyTEAM. Play with your favorite NBA and WNBA teams in PLAY, with even more responsive gameplay and even better graphics.


Recreate Kobe's most dominant and thrilling performances during his trajectory to global superstardom. Rediscover the successes of his early career as a young phenom, then follow his progression from an elite scorer to becoming one of the best players of all time.



Get your bearings in the heart of this coastal district, in a postcard setting and an atmosphere of explosive competition. Use the new version of the dedicated tool to create a MyPLAYER that meets your skill requirements. Give your best and make the most of the updated Badge system. Play on cliffside terrain, complete new simplified quests, and face off against select opponents in the ultimate MyCAREER experience.


The classic Card Collector Mode returns for hours of customizable gameplay. Draw inspiration from the past and present as you use today's All-Stars and the greatest legends of all time to build a team capable of dominating single and multiplayer modes. MyTEAM includes a series of innovative enhancements, including an all-new salary cap, while maintaining the competitive spirit that characterizes it.


Enjoy the most authentic gameplay yet, and note the effort put into fluidity and attention to detail. Show what you can do, with new interior defense and controls in dribbling combinations, for even more rewards in skill-focused actions and greater efficiency.