National Development and Reform Commission to Encourage the Upgrade and Evolution of HD and UHD TV Sets and Set-Top Boxes to Enhance Channel Supply Effectiveness

Gamingdeputy reported on May 26 that in order to promote large-scale equipment upgrades and trade-ins of old consumer goods, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments have studied and formulated the “Implementation Plan for Promoting Equipment Updates in the Cultural and Tourism Fields”, which clearly proposed the implementation of high-definition and ultra-high-definition equipment upgrade actions.

The program requirements are as follows:


We need to improve the production, broadcasting and transmission coverage capabilities of ultra-high-definition channels. We will promote some provinces and sub-provincial cities with conditions to open 4K ultra-high-definition channels and strive for nationwide coverage, build 4K ultra-high-definition acquisition and shooting systems, post-production systems, media resource systems, broadcast systems, transmission and distribution systems, etc., quickly form a large-scale service supply effect for ultra-high-definition channels, drive the optimization, upgrading and connection of the entire ultra-high-definition industry chain, including content production, equipment manufacturing, network transmission coverage and terminal presentation, and promote the application and promotion of related equipment.Encourage the acceleration of the popularization and intelligent upgrading of HD and UHD TVs and TV set-top boxes.

We must speed up the upgrade of content production, broadcasting, transmission and transmission equipment. We must accelerate the elimination of outdated equipment and facilities that have exceeded their service life, properly resolve the risks of safe broadcasting, and improve the ability to ensure safe broadcasting. We must encourage television stations, radio and television production, broadcasting and transmission institutions, and online audio-visual platforms to speed up the replacement of production, broadcasting, transmission and transmission equipment and facilities and system upgrades to improve the supply of high-quality audio-visual content and transmission coverage.

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On January 23 this year, the State Administration of Radio and Television held a phased summary and deployment promotion meeting on the governance of TV “nesting doll” charges and complex operations. The meeting deployed the key tasks of governance work in 2024. It is planned to gradually realize watching TV with one remote control this year and promote the integration of TV set-top boxes. Gamingdeputy summarizes it as follows:

  • Gradually realize a remote control to watch TVFor existing remote controls, we will help viewers learn how to use infrared remote controls through extensive publicity or door-to-door services, and initially achieve the goal of “watching live broadcasts with one remote control”; we will promote the use of multiple remote control methods such as voice and mobile phones. For incremental remote controls, we will develop and launch new remote controls by formulating unified standards and specifications, and achieve the goal of watching TV with one remote control.

  • Carry out special rectification of complex hotel TV operation. Together with the cultural and tourism departments, we will improve the collaborative working mechanism, classify and manage hotels across the country, and provide better viewing experience for the people when they travel.

  • Optimize and strengthen Internet TV broadcast control managementstandardize the broadcasting order, and ensure that the “nesting doll” charging problem can be controlled.

  • Actively promote the integration of TV set-top boxesOrganize the development and application of plug-in set-top box solutions and promote their industrialization. At the same time, actively study and promote the integration of fully built-in TV set-top boxes, speed up the formulation of plans, standards and specifications, and ultimately achieve the goal of integration.

  • Focus on addressing the root causes and improving long-term mechanisms. By formulating and revising a series of relevant rules and regulations, a system is systematically constructed. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television's industry supervision responsibility, the provincial radio and television bureau's local management responsibility, and the main responsibility of various platforms are implemented. A monitoring and supervision mechanism and technical verification methods for cable TV, IPTV, and Internet TV are established to ensure that problems do not rebound.

  • Give full play to the driving effect of governanceWith governance as the driving force, we will accelerate the popularization of high-definition television and the development of ultra-high-definition television, the construction of new radio and television networks, and the supply of high-quality content, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

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