MythTV 34 Media Center Released

After a year of development took place release of a platform for creating a home media center MythTV 34, which allows you to turn your desktop PC into a TV, VCR, stereo system, photo album, DVD recording and viewing station. Project code distributed by under the GPLv2 license. At the same time, the release of a separately developing web interface was formed MythWeb to control the media center via a web browser.

The MythTV architecture is based on the separation of a backend for storing or capturing video (IPTV, DVB cards, etc.) and a frontend for displaying and creating an interface. The frontend can work simultaneously with several backends, which can be run both on the local system and on external computers. The functionality is implemented through plugins. There are currently two sets of plugins available – official and unofficial. The range of capabilities covered by the plugins is quite wide – from integration with various online services and implementation of a web interface for managing the system over the network to tools for working with a web camera and organizing video communication between PCs.


IN new version 444 changes were made to the code base, including:

  • WebFrontend, which provides access to all settings, has been replaced by a new built-in Web interface (
  • Work on the second version of the Service API has been completed.
  • A page for editing IPTV parameters has been added to the Channel Editor.
  • A webonly command line parameter has been added to mythbackend to activate only the web interface.
  • A new visual effect, SpectrumDetail, has been added to the spectrogram display interface.
  • The Airplay implementation has added support for decrypting data streams and decrypting session keys using new versions of OpenSSL.
  • HDHomeRun video capture cards support IPTV, DVB-T/T2 setup, channel import and MPTS recording.
  • The code was translated to use the C++17 standard.
  • Provided the ability to decode external subtitles using FFmpeg instead of xine.
  • Added a function to synchronize external subtitles with the video stream.
  • The theme has been changed to MythCenter-wide.
  • Added “Smooth Transitions” setting to the menu.

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