Mushihimesama: the cult shoot 'em up soon to be permanently removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop – Nintendo Switch

If you are a fan of shoot 'em up, Mushihimesama is a must-see. Released in early 2000s on arcade terminals, the game was then ported to many platforms with varying degrees of success before landing on theeShop from the console of Nintendo in June 2021. in an HD version including a mode Novice and a mode Ultra.

Also known as the “Bug Princess”, Mushihimesama invites you to help a princess save her clan from an army of strange insects throwing incessant clouds of projectiles at you in the purest tradition of shoot vertical scrolling.


Mushihimesama is one of those little gems available on Nintendo Switch which we are not necessarily aware of. If you are a fan and have not yet taken the plunge, know however that Mushihimesama born The Switch eShop will soon no longer be available.

In fact, in a press release, the publisher Live Wire Inc has just announced that “Due to the expiration of the license agreement (…), sales of the downloadable version of “Mushihimesama” will end. August 10, 2024″

In summary, if Mushihimesama you are interested, you have one month left to Mushihimesama-1991751.html”>get it on the eShop knowing that it is currently sold at €16.99.

After August 10thit will be too late. Note however that Limited Run released a physical version of the game in limited edition. It can still be found on various sites but at prices well above its initial price (see Amazon partner link)


To learn more about Mushihimesamafind a presentation of the game as well as a gameplay video found on the net. Enjoy.

It's the story of a princess who sets out to meet the “Koujin” in order to save her clan from a mysterious plague.

The world is decorated with meticulously drawn graphics, intense perfection, and a magnificent barrage of bullets. Face five stages, including a lush forest, a scorching desert, and a solemn cave!

There are three game modes and three difficulty levels to choose from, including a Novice mode that even beginners can enjoy. The “Ultra” mode will make even the most advanced players scream!

Get through the upcoming roadblock and beat the high score!


  • Three modes, including one that even beginners can enjoy.
  • You can choose the difficulty level, from beginner to advanced.
  • A fantasy world of vast deserts, lush forests and underground caverns.
  • Sounds created by highly regarded sound designers in Japan and abroad to add color to the game world