MultiVersus: Tier List – Best Characters 1vs1 & 2vs2 / Aug 2022

MultiVersus is a Free2Play brawler that pits characters from the Warner Brothers cosmos against each other in colorful battles. MeinMMO looked at all the characters, looked at their strengths and weaknesses and put together a tier list of the best fighters.

How did this tier list come about? To bring you the best fighters of MultiVersus, we look at current trends from players and pros and mix it all with a dose of our own experience.

We divide our tier list into five sections:

However, each player perceives the fighters differently, prefers certain ways of playing or can’t relate to a character at all. Therefore, see our tier list more as a recommendation and not as a set fighter that must be present in every match.

As soon as there are balance changes in MultiVersus or new characters, we will adjust our list and keep you informed regularly.

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More about the author Maik Schneider: For Maik, games have to offer a challenge. He wants to be tested and improve after being played against the wall. Fighting games are exactly that.

Street Fighter 5 was his entry into the genre in 2016 and he trained for hundreds of hours with his arcade stick until the combos finally clicked. He’s been out of breath for a while, but with MultiVersus he’s returning to the brawler games, and he’s particularly fond of using the DC heroes to smash his opponents.

MultiVersus: Tier List – 1vs1

  • Bull
    • Finn, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Superman
  • A tier
    • Jake, Shaggy, Taz, Tom & Jerry, Arya Stark, Harley Quinn
  • B tier
    • Garnet, Wondern Woman, LeBron, Giant from Space, Velma
  • C tier

MultiVersus: S-Tier – Best fighters in 1vs1

The character from “Adventure Time” rampages through the arenas of MultiVersus shortly after release. His attacks have huge hitboxes, allowing for easy hits, and he has powerful smash attacks up and down.

In addition, there is his crazy coin shop, which Finn can use to get advantages, a good fight speed and strong attack chains. Good all round, easy to learn, hard to master – that’s Finn shortly after the beta release.

The classic figure from Warner Brothers was considered the over-fighter in the first few days after release and a nerf has already been announced. The mages are generally considered to be very strong, but also more difficult to master.

But Bugs makes it easy for you, because he offers strong melee attacks with large hitboxes and can cause a large amount of chaos and damage with his special attacks, to knock opponents out of the picture in a matter of seconds.

One of MultiVersus’ fastest fighters, the Dark Knight causes unrest with a storm of attacks and combos. His melee combos combined with his speed allow Batman to impose his playstyle on opponents.

Once you’ve mastered his combo knack and combine your attacks with the Batarang, you leave your opponent no room to breathe. This is rounded off with his powerful uppercut for upward punches and a powerful downward kick from the air for nasty arena-edge meteor smash attacks.

Superman plays much slower than his colleagues in the S-Tier, but doesn’t let himself be disturbed. You have powerful attacks with Armor that enemies have a hard time interrupting. In addition, you are relatively heavy yourself and therefore do not fly as far when hit.

The man of steel can take a lot and deals hard blows. His special attack to the side from the ground can be precisely controlled, knocking opponents out of the match and violently surprising them. His basic attack from the ground up is also really strong – a hard smash with “Armor”.

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MultiVersus: Tier List – 2v2

  • Bull
  • A tier
    • Harley Quinn, Tom & Jerry, Jake, Superman, Taz, Velma, Wonder Woman
  • B tier
    • Arya Stark, Reindeer Dog, Steven Universe, Shaggy, LeBron
  • C tier
    • Garnet, giant from space

MultiVersus: S-Tier – Best fighters in 2v2

The swordsman also rocks in the team playlist. Its speed, large hitboxes will help protect your teammate while dealing a lot of damage.

With its shop ability, you can also adjust your playstyle during the match and adapt to team members and opponents even better. At the moment Finn is super strong and has almost no disadvantages.

Bugs is also annoying in team fights and drives your opponents to despair – if you can get along with his tools. With his ACME magic, you’re constantly spouting nonsense on the battlefield, and enemies are always in danger of taking a hard, unexpected hit.

Added to this is his strength in close combat, which makes the magician Bugs Bunny an all-rounder who is up to any task in the right hands.

Batman scores with his speed in team battles and changes sides of the arena in a split second. This allows you to focus on the opponent’s fighter, who doesn’t actually want to go into close combat.

If you manage to use Batman’s insane speed to throw opponents off balance, your teammate has enough space to deal a lot of damage.

MultiVersus: How does the Tier List work?

In our Tier List, we rank the fighters from MultiVersus according to their subjective strength. We mix our opinion on the fighters from the editors with trends from the players and professionals and look at the current rankings in the game.

This is what the rankings mean:

  • S-Tier: Very strong, possible nerf on approach
  • A-Tier: Well balanced, not too strong or too weak
  • B-Tier: Slightly weaker, but still a good choice
  • C-Tier: Can’t assert itself well at the moment

Keep in mind, however, that each player perceives the fighters differently and there can also be large deviations between the different tier lists that you find. What we call a C tier can also be overpowered in the right hands.

We try to reach an average of the general opinions and we are happy to let you help us.

Drop us a comment if you see fighters at different tiers or if you want to share your opinion on the fighters.