Multiplayer was inspired by Animal Crossing

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The Sims 5 Multiplayer


The development team behind “The Sims 5” reveals exciting news: The game’s upcoming multiplayer mode finds inspiration in the popular games “Animal Crossing” and “Among Us.” Lyndsay Pearson, the creative director of “The Sims” series, spoke about this innovation in a “One More Life Podcast”.

‘The Sims 5’ Reveals Multiplayer Details: Inspired by Bestsellers

Pearson confirmed the multiplayer mode for “The Sims 5,” which had already been hinted at in previous EA interviews and job advertisements. The focus is on playing together with friends instead of a traditional online mode. The development team wants the multiplayer to remain “Sims-like”, i.e. typical of the chaos and fun of the “Sims” world.

The inspiration from “Animal Crossing” can be seen in the creativity of the players. Pearson admires how players in “Animal Crossing” have developed their own ways of playing, such as scavenger hunts or talk shows, even though the game doesn’t directly support this. “Among Us,” on the other hand, inspires with its mystery and group dynamics, suggesting exciting multiplayer interactions in “The Sims 5.”


Innovations in multiplayer: A paradigm shift

This innovative approach signals a change in life simulation. “The Sims 5” will not only be a continuation of the series, but also a springboard for creative and interactive multiplayer experiences. The developers strive to unite players in a world that is both familiar and novel.

Electronic Arts and Maxis are setting new standards in the multiplayer sector with “The Sims 5”. They combine proven concepts with the unique world of “Sims”. This makes the game interesting not only for fans, but also for a wider audience looking for innovative multiplayer experiences.

In summary, “The Sims 5” promises to be a groundbreaking game. It pushes the boundaries of the genre and offers players unique and deep multiplayer experiences.

Source: One More Life Podcast

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