Most of the members of the Medical Council are leaving. Bolesław Piecha and Michał Wypij comment

This is not good news, said MP Bolesław Piecha (PiS) to Faktach po Faktach, commenting on the resignation of the majority of members of the Medical Council at the prime minister. MP Michał Wypij (Understanding) called the decision of specialists advising on the COVID-19 pandemic “a kind of act of despair”.

13 out of 17 members of the Medical Council to the prime minister have resigned from advising the government on the COVID-19 epidemic. They wrote in a statement that their decision was due to “the recommendation’s lack of impact on real action” and the “growing tolerance” of the government for “COVID-19 denied environmental behavior and the importance of vaccination in fighting the pandemic.”


PiS MP: This is not good news

The resignation of the majority of the members of the Council was discussed in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 by Law and Justice MP Bolesław Piecha, who is a trained doctor, and Michał Wypij, MP for the Agreement.

According to Piecha, “this is not good news for the prime minister, and I mean for us, parliamentarians and citizens.” – This is a team of outstanding specialists, we probably do not have better specialists, and it is impossible to quickly assemble a team of specialists that have slowly eaten their teeth during this pandemic, which has been going on for two years – he assessed. – Its recommendations, because they are not decisions, should be honored or at least somehow discussed with the prime minister – said the PiS MP.

In his opinion, the movement of experts from the Council is “an expression of a certain frustration”. – It is not an easy matter – on the one hand, create recommendations, follow the epidemic, research that is ongoing, evaluate vaccines, contact the global society, and at the same time be exposed to all kinds of indiscriminate attacks – he said.

“I myself am in the heat of this fight as a strong supporter of vaccination and certain measures to protect the population from a spreading uncontrolled epidemic,” he added.

Piecha: This is not good newsTVN24

Piecha: we should start drawing conclusions

The TVN24 guest also stated that “after two years of learning the epidemic, because it is changing, we should, however, start drawing conclusions and some political decisions should be bolder.”

– I am speaking here in the context of the so-called Hoca Act, it should be passed. This is not an act on compulsory vaccinations, it is an act that only gives the right to the employer, or those who carry out an activity, to verify whether my colleague or I or my colleague is vaccinated or not – he explained.

– I do not understand those who oppose it – added Piecha.

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Piecha: We should start drawing conclusions.  Political decisions should be bolder

Piecha: We should start drawing conclusions. Political decisions should be bolderTVN24

Drink: It was an act of despair

According to Wypija, the resignation of the majority of members of the Medical Council “was a kind of despairing act of people who are characterized by vast knowledge and experience”. The deputy said that the members of this body “devoted their time, commitment, experience and knowledge to save human lives”, and “they lost this fight with a group of anti-vaccine workers, which today dictate the terms of the game to the leadership of the Law and Justice party.”

Drink: It was an act of despair

Drink: It was an act of despairTVN24

– They are trying to draw attention to the fact that the Polish state has deserted. Because these (…) 100,000 deaths of Poles were, brutally and directly, probably included in the support bars of PiS, and at the cost of Poles’ lives and health, the PiS leadership is doing everything possible to maintain this authority – said Wypij.

– In this way, in my opinion, outstanding personalities, characterized by great authority, are trying in a desperate way to draw attention to the fact that the Polish state has flown the white flag – added the MP from the Agreement.

Drink: I think PiS politicians who have medical knowledge have a trial moment

When asked if, in his opinion, the government would start acting due to the resignation of some members of the Medical Council, Wypij said: – I hope so and I still count on it.

– Each deputy or each of us politicians (…) has a moment in his work when he has to decide whether he is in the interest of the system of government or, in line with the rite of the deputy’s oath, on the basis of concern for the life and health of Poles or in the interest of The Republic of Poland – he said.

– This is the moment when such famous doctors, outstanding specialists, leave and I think that those politicians from Law and Justice who have medical knowledge, such as, for example, Mr Piecha, have this trial moment and have to decide whether they are on the side of patients, smart people who speak responsibly about the pandemic, or will still maintain and pretend that there is no problem – added Drink.

Main photo source: TVN24

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