Morrowind: The game that started modern Elder Scrolls turns 19

morrowind is 19 today

First arrival at sunny Seida Nin, first stolen alabaster dish, first rock rider killed. It all started 19 years ago. It was then that Bethesda released the game that started the modern Elder Scrolls.

Morrowind saved Bethesda from bankruptcy and became the first part of the series to hit the Xbox. It’s funny considering that Microsoft will buy the studio almost 20 years later. It is also the first game in the series to introduce one of the series’ main features – advanced modding – made available through an extensive toolbox called the TES Construction Set.

A loving and cozy community has formed around the game, which continues to live to this day. So in March this year, a new version of Tamriel Rebuilt was released, one of the largest mods in the game, in which fans recreate the mainland of the province.

The community continues to support the game and release new content every now and then. In January of this year, the OpenMW team released the “night version” of the updated engine – OpenMW. The new engine adapts the game to modern computers, and also turns it into an improved version of itself. Here you have improved physics and artificial intelligence increased viewing range, more functional interface and bug fixes that were on the original engine.

See how beautiful Morrowind can be made with OpenMW 0.47.0.

January also delighted fans with the new release of another global mod (Skyrim: Home Of The Nords), which adds a large chunk of Skyrim and many new quests. This is a different Skyrim and not the one that you can meet in the 5th part of the series. You can read more about the mod here.

It’s hard to mention all the releases, but I’ll tell you about one more major mod that can bring new colors to the game.

The mod is a global rework of the game. Morrowind Rebirth is a global mod completely reworking the original Morrowind. The author added a bunch of new things to the game: both gameplay improvements and graphical ones. In March, a new version of the mod was released, and therefore there was even more content.

Immerse yourself in nostalgia with a soulful and warm musical theme

I hope that the mods mentioned will be enough so that you can re-roll old Morrowind on your computer and enjoy this inhospitable, but so beautiful and mysterious place. The game has an anniversary ahead, and maybe one day Bethesda will get around to making a full-fledged remaster of the third part.

Happy birthday to you, land of light, xenophobia and magic!