“Monster Hunter Wilds” Developers Discuss Weapon Switching, Talking Airu and Links to Previous Games

“Monster Hunter Wilds” (hereinafter referred to as “Wilds”) is scheduled to be released in 2025. The latest “Promotional Video 2” was released on June 8th, attracting a lot of attention.

The Inside/Game*Spark editorial team participated in a joint media interview held by Capcom. Although we had limited time, we asked about what is currently known about the latest title, Wildz.


From the left: Director Tokuda, Producer Tsujimoto, Art Director/Executive Director Fujioka

◆Interview with the developers of “Monster Hunter Wilds”!

– Wildz has revealed that it supports cross-play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. Please tell us how this was implemented.

First of all, there was a very strong demand from users. Cross-play is difficult to realize unless it is designed from the early stages of game development, so we were working on achieving cross-play from the beginning of development of Wildz.

In addition, in terms of Capcom titles, we have already achieved cross-play in Street Fighter 6 and Exo Primal. We have accumulated know-how and technology there, and we wanted to introduce it to Wildz this time, so we have included it.

As far as information is concerned, the official website also states that cross-save and cross-commerce are not supported. There are probably many other online features that you may be wondering about, but since it will be difficult to understand if we give you information in fragments, we will release a summary of the information soon.


–The ability to carry two weapons has expanded the possibilities, but I don't think you can perfectly align your skills with the current armor slots. Is there anything you can do to address this?

As in the previous series, the element that hunters can only equip one armor will continue. Although I can't give you the details yet, we are also reviewing the skill system, and we are aiming to be able to play two weapon types well, such as expanding the function as you progress through the game.

–Will the field be expanded widely? Or will it be divided into areas like “forest” and “desert”?

In this demo version, I presented the ecosystem of the “Desert Plains”. As the story progresses, the area will increase, and the basic image is that the area will expand on a seamlessly connected map.

–Let's talk about the “Focus Mode.” How does using this mode change the way you play?

Wildz also incorporates new actions while taking advantage of the unique characteristics of each weapon type, and “concentration mode” and “focused weak point attack” have been implemented for all weapon types.

In concentration mode, when you press the trigger, a cursor (target) appears, and you can instantly attack or guard against it. It adjusts not only the distance but also the angle, so it has the advantage of making it easier to hit attacks even for those who are not good at action games.

In Wilds, the Hunter's attacks can cause “wounds” on the monster's body. Attacking those wounds will increase damage and make the monster fall over, but if you aim in “concentration mode,” they will be highlighted in red, making it easier to see. When in concentration mode, concentrating on a weak point attack on the wound can feel great and destroy the monster more effectively.

– When it comes to adjusting the angle, in previous series, the technique that users call “positioning” was important. For example, if you were aiming for the head, you would move around to the head, but will “concentration mode” also include assistance with movement?

No, it only adjusts the angle, and does not assist movement. Regarding movement, we have added actions so that you can move while performing various actions with each weapon type, so there are fewer instances where you have to stop and do something.

It does not simplify controls or provide powerful assistance to beginners, like the modern controls in Street Fighter 6.

– I was surprised that Otomo Airu finally spoke human voices such as “Let's do our best!”. Furthermore, the protagonist seems to speak clearly, not just with the usual “ah” and “uh-huh” responses from previous series. Please tell us your aim. Also, in previous series, you could choose many voices in the character creation, but what will happen in this game with this amount of lines?

We have been working on the idea of ​​letting players feel the story and worldview of “Monster Hunter” since “World”, and we are continuing this in the new work “Wilds”. As part of this, we felt that it would be unnatural for the hunter (protagonist) to be the only one who doesn't speak, and that it would be difficult for the player to imagine the image of the hunter. Therefore, although he doesn't speak a lot himself, we prioritized immersion in the story and made him speak the bare minimum.

As always, you can choose and arrange your favorite voices in the character creation menu. More details will be provided later.

The Palico also started speaking for the same reason of immersion, but there was another reason. In this game, the editor “Alma” and the Palico accompany you on the hunt and give you advice, but as the situation changes in various ways, if there was no voice, the player would not be able to hear what is happening, so we decided to add voice.

Of course, we understand that fans are concerned about Palico talking, and the developers have also expressed their opinions. Therefore, we have made it possible to switch to the traditional “meow meow” sound as an option.

However, from the development side, we are trying to give the characters depth and affection as partners in the story, so we would definitely like you to try out voicing them.

Q: I'd like to ask about weapon types. For weapons that have special gauges, such as the long sword, dual blades, and charge axe, what happens to the gauge when you switch between them?

Although there is a time decay, the gauge is maintained! Please switch and play as much as you like. However, it will be reset if you change weapons at the base camp.

–It seems like the quest system has changed from previous titles. In World, one quest took 50 minutes, but what will that be like in Wilds?

It can vary greatly depending on the player's skill, but the general policy is based on “World” and is about the same.

– In the previous trailers, there are some elements that remind us of the previous work “Monster Hunter 4”, but is there a connection? Is it heavily involved in the story, or is it something like “Kamura Village” from “Monster Hunter Rise” and “Yukumo Village” from “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd”?

First of all, “Wilds” is not a sequel to anything, and the scenario is also written as a new one. Many people may be concerned that the setting of the “Forbidden Area” is the same as that of “Monster Hunter 4”, but it is merely a general term that means “a place where people are prohibited from entering.”

–In World, the “Top Rookie” appears under a different name, the “Cheerful Recommended Group.” What is the connection between these two?

I'll leave that to your imagination (laughs).

–Unlike Garuga, it seems like you can attack freely with Sekret. Can you play the Hunting Horn or use the Insect Glaive to collect essence while riding it?

We will release details about the weapon types at a later date. While you can perform various attacks while riding the Secreto, the concept is that you should deal damage on the ground. The Secreto has a special accent, such as pulling monsters while riding. It is not designed so that hunting can be done by riding alone.

–Are there any elements to Secreto such as individual differences, training, or equipment?

Various things are unlocked as the game progresses, but there is also the option to customize things like fur color. We are considering a design that will allow you to distinguish your Secreto even in multiplayer.

– With director Tokuda and art director/executive director Fujioka, I think Wilds is a work of the World lineage. When did the planning begin? Also, please tell us the background behind your decision to go in the direction of Wilds.

“World” was released in January 2018, and the massive expansion “Iceborne” was released the following April. The planning and verification of the plan for “Wilds” began before “Iceborne.”

While examining concepts such as the “ecosystem” that expresses the brutality of nature and visuals, we decided on the next model specifications and worked to aim for the best possible model within those standards.

From the beginning of the project, there was a plan to make the transition between fields and the story seamless. Ideas such as how many large monsters could be summoned and how many could be controlled were added to this, and if this could be realized, we worked out how many could be summoned and controlled, and we worked out how to properly design the game. I think the proposal itself was submitted quickly.

The hunting action game “Monster Hunter Wilds” for PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X|S/Steam is scheduled to be released in 2025.

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