Minstrels Baldur’s Gate 3: What choices to make and what are they for?

News tip Minstrels Baldur’s Gate 3: What choices to make and what are they for?


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In BG3, you will meet many NPCs and some will be very useful for the rest of your adventures. For example, here we will talk about the minstrels and their leader Jaheira, telling you the right choices to make to attract their favor.


Summary of our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides

Act 2 and first meeting with the minstrels

If you may have heard of the Harpers before, your first official encounter with them will take place at the start of Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. As you slowly learn to face the curse of shadows that we told you about in a previous article, you come across a group of minstrels.

A member of the latter will be contaminated and a fight will begin. The idea here is going to be to try to save these minstrels as much as possible, even if in the end, it’s not that important to lose one or two in this fight. Once this is finished, the group leader will invites you to the Inn of the Last Light to meet Jaheira.

This is none other than the leader of the minstrels and also a playable character from the previous opuses of the saga. Once you have spoken with her, she will redirect you to Isobelle who is responsible for protecting the premises against the curse.

Isobelle’s rescue

Be careful, what follows is an important step! As we just said, Isobelle is responsible for protecting the inn via a barrier that she constantly maintains to be able to repel the curse of the shadows of this place.

However, when you arrive, Marcus, a corrupted flaming Fist, will want to seize the latter and will ask you to help him in the name of the Absolute. If you wish to side with the minstrels, Do not accept this offer, as the consequences would be enormous.

Minstrels Baldur's Gate 3: What choices to make and what are they for?

The Assault on the Towers of Hautelune

Once Isobelle is saved, you will be able to do a quest with the minstrels, ambush a group of cultists. This will allow you to recover a light against the curse of shadows and again, we have detailed the entire procedure for you in a dedicated guide.

Once this is done, you will be able to launch the assault against the Hautelune Towers if you wish. If you were advised to keep minstrels alive when you first encountered it, it’s that they will help you at that time in a rather epic battle.

At the end of the fight against Ketheric, if you have followed this guide carefully, you will be able to recruit Jaheira and therefore her minstrels on your side. To do this, simply to go talk to him after the fight in the hall of the Tours de Hautelune where she is with the other NPCs.

Minstrels Baldur's Gate 3: What choices to make and what are they for?

Reunion with the Minstrels during act 3

Before returning to the Lower City, you will encounter the minstrels one last time in Baldur’s Gate 3. The problem is that you are not the first to find them and not only have they been killed, but also replaced by shapeshifters.

If you have Jaheira on your team, she will quickly understand the situation when the last survivor gives her a code name. Otherwise, you will be presented with a fait accompli. Anyway, there are not fifty solutions, you will have to fight and get rid of these enemies who have just destroyed allies who could have been useful to you.

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