Minors on Instagram, more control for parents and guardians

Instagram has announced a series of news that, arriving next March, have the aim of improving, in terms of safety, the use of the platform for minors and parental control over their online activities. But for the US Senate it is not enough.

An operation that is also a consequence of the criticisms made a few months ago by the ex of Facebook, Frances Haugen, on the alleged immobility of Instagram towards the adoption of measures to prevent the abuse of the app by teenagers.

“We will take a more rigorous approach to what we recommend to minors, preventing people from tagging or mentioning minors who don’t follow them and pushing kids to different topics if they spend too much time on the same” wrote Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, shortly before presenting himself to a hearing in the Senate. The tool designed by Instagram is that of parental control, which will allow parents and guardians to monitor the time spent on the app by the little ones, set time limits and receive notifications if the minor has reported someone, so as to allow an intervention timely in case of harassment. Additionally, Instagram will limit advertising recommendations to themes that are suitable for teen audiences. Another novelty will be being able to delete the shared photos and videos in bulk, as you would do from the gallery of your smartphone. On December 8, Mosseri was heard by the United States Senate. During the hearing, Senator Richard Blumenthal criticized the recent “take a breath” feature, which prompts you to exit the app after continuous use of 10, 20 or 30 minutes. “It won’t save children from the effects of addiction,” said the Connecticut Democrat.


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