Mid-tower with tempered glass side super heavily discounted on Amazon

With this mid-tower you have a solid foundation for your future gaming setup. Save big on Amazon now.

Have you been thinking about building a new gaming setup for a while? Then this mid-tower could be a real bargain for you to start building. This case offers you both good cooling and enough space. Now save 38% and only pays €74.90 instead of €119.90.


Grab the Mid-Tower now on Amazon

These strong characteristics speak for the mid-tower

This tower features a high airflow front panel, which ensures optimal cooling of your components. The generously sized air inlets allow for efficient airflow that keeps temperatures low and protects your hardware from overheating. You can play even demanding games like Cyberpunk 2077 or run intensive applications.

The case is equipped with a side panel made of tempered glass, which not only allows a view of your powerful components, but also offers an aesthetically pleasing look. Admire your own creation and present it to your friends. You can also be sure that this glass is durable.

The interior of the ATX case is spacious and offers enough space for your components. You can easily install a powerful graphics card, a large CPU cooler and multiple hard drives or SSDs. It has an intelligent cable management system that helps you route your cables neatly and not restrict airflow. But always pay close attention to which components the housing is suitable for. It would be annoying if you wanted to realize big ambitions and perhaps couldn’t.


The Corsair comes with two 120mm fans pre-installed. These ensure efficient cooling of your components and offer quiet operation. You can also upgrade the case with additional fans or water cooling to further increase the cooling performance.

The front ports are located in a convenient location and offer you easy access. You can easily connect USB devices, use headphones or charge your smartphone without having to open the case. This ensures convenient use and saves time.

Grab the Mid-Tower now on Amazon

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