Microsoft’s Next Console Leaked: Photos of New Xbox Revealed

It has been known for several months that Microsoft is working on a new version of the Xbox Series X. But now the first images of the new console have been released thanks to a leak – and apparently Microsoft has made a few changes after all.

Digital Edition of the Xbox Series X: Leak shows first images

In the fall of 2023, Microsoft's internal documents became public, according to which the company plans to relaunch the Xbox Series S and Series X in 2024. The new version of the Series X in particular caused a stir at the time. Because the console should no disc drive have more, but offer a few other advantages – including a larger internal SSD and lower power consumption.


Now are presumed first images of this new Xbox Series X leaked via exporter showing the front and back of the Xbox:

The image quality is quite poor, but it is still clear that the Xbox Series X in the photo no longer has a disc drive on the front. In addition, this version of the console is now white instead of black. Microsoft may want to avoid the risk of confusion with the old version by repainting it.

What is also noticeable: In the internal documents from the fall, the new edition of the Series X still had one completely different design: It was black and round. There was also a USB-C port on the front. This can no longer be seen in the leaked images. Instead, Microsoft seems to continue to rely on a classic USB-A port.

Details about the new Xbox are still scarce

Apart from the leaked images, exputer no further information about the new Xbox Series X in stock. According to the internal documents, the internal console storage should double to 2 TB, Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E should be used, the power consumption in stand-by mode should be massively reduced and the console a new controller enclosed.


However, it is not clear from the pictures whether anything has happened under the hood apart from the missing drive. While Microsoft seems to be working on a new version of the Xbox Series X, information about the PS5 Pro has been condensing for a few weeks now. So 2024 promises to be an exciting hardware year for console gamers.