Microsoft is asking Sony to disclose documents

In conjunction with the Activision Blizzard tours.

Amendment: We previously wrote that Microsoft requested that Sony reveal upcoming titles for the PS5. It is not correct, and a misunderstanding among others the journalist Tom Warren tweets if. Microsoft requests documents that may contain confidential information.

It’s pretty standard stuff, but I’ve seen some wildly inaccurate headlines. “Production and a discovery schedule” is legal discovery and document production, not Sony’s PlayStation game production.

Original: There is silence surrounding Microsoft’s desired acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The US competition authority, the FTC, wants to stop the deal, but the last bid was that Microsoft and the FTC not negotiate with “substance”. However, Microsoft believes that competition is not harmed.

As part of fighting for its cause, Microsoft served Sony with a lawsuit on January 17 (via VGC), requesting that Sony disclose documents the nature of which we do not know. It is believed that this is relevant for Microsoft to be able to build its case against the FTC. Sony’s reply has not yet arrived.

If no agreement is reached between Microsoft and the FTC, the matter will be judged by the FTC’s internal judge Michael Chappell in August. From here, however, Microsoft can take the matter further to federal court.