Microsoft Introduces New Bing Search with Built-in ChatGPT

Microsoft held a presentation where they introduced an updated Bing search with built-in ChatGPT.

The company has integrated the OpenAI GPT-4 language model into Bing, while ChatGPT itself uses GPT-3.5. The new model understands queries even better and provides answers in natural language.

In addition, the neural network uses an up-to-date database, unlike ChatGPT. The OpenAI chatbot is trained on data up to 2021.

Bing search results are now split into two screens. On the left, the usual results from sites are shown, and on the right are the answers compiled by the chatbot.

Microsoft showed several search examples. For example, Bing was asked to “create an itinerary for each day of a 5-day trip to Mexico.” The chatbot fully responded to the request. He made a rough itinerary, described each stop and added links for more information.

Microsoft also showed an updated Edge browser. It received a slight redesign, integration of the new Bing, and two useful features created in collaboration with OpenAI.

Function Chat can make a short summary of a web page or document. As a demonstration, a Microsoft employee uploaded to Chat A 15-page PDF of Gap’s financial report and asked the neural network to write down key points. After a few seconds, she delivered the main conclusions of the report.

Second function Compose will help to write a letter and a post for social networks. To do this, users need to answer simple questions related to the size, topic and format of the post.

New Bing and Edge available for pre-testing starting today, but for a limited number of users in the US. [TechCrunch]

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The neural network itself responds to search queries.

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