Microsoft Edge 117 (117.0.2045.31) fixes 14 new security vulnerabilities and comes with new features

Yesterday evening Microsoft released the new version 117 of Microsoft Edge in the stable channel. In version 117.0.2045.31, 14 new security vulnerabilities and the CVE-2023-4863 vulnerability, which was already closed in 116, were corrected in Edge 109.0.1518.140.

It has been noted that a deprecation of the Unload event is imminent. “The Google Chrome team plans to remove the Unload event starting with Chrome version 118. The deprecation will occur by gradually changing the default setting so that unload handlers will no longer be triggered on pages unless a page explicitly chooses to re-enable them.” Microsoft will then introduce this with a delay of one or two versions. There’s more on that it among other things here

When it comes to new functions, the business versions are given preference in the release notes.

  • Microsoft Edge for Business banner. Administrators can control the availability of the Microsoft Edge for Business in-product banner using the PromotionalTabsEnabled policy.
  • Microsoft Edge sync favorites recovery. The Microsoft Edge Sync Favorites Restore feature allows sync users to restore any favorites that they have lost or deleted in the last 14 days. Users can either use the Microsoft Edge Favorites Hub or the page edge://favorites access this function.
  • Autofill Autocomplete. This feature allows you to fill out form fields on the web more quickly. When you start typing in a form field, Microsoft Edge suggests possible inline completions if there is an exact match to your saved data in the browser. For example, if you type the first few characters of your address, autocomplete will suggest the rest of the address – you can select the autocomplete suggestion or continue typing as usual. Autofill options can be found in Settings edge://settings/personalinfo.
  • Abolition of Web Select. To improve user experience, this feature is being removed and is no longer available as an option under Web Capture or via keyboard shortcut.
  • Abolition of functions. To improve usability and simplify the More Tools menu, the following features are being eliminated: Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Quotes, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode.

New policies and policies that are outdated

Microsoft will certainly publish the new Secure Baseline. Until then, there is already this information:

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