“Metroid Prime Remastered”: shooter classic in a new guise

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Bounty hunter Samus Aran is well equipped and can also deal properly with boss opponents in “Metroid Prime Remastered”. © Nintendo/dpa-tmn

Metroid Prime Remastered brings a video game classic to the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to modern graphics and improved controls, the shooter remake proves to be an absolute hit.

Berlin – It’s been over 20 years since “Metroid Prime” revolutionized the genre of first-person shooters. With “Metroid Prime Remastered”, Nintendo is now bringing the video game classic to the switch as a remake.

Players take on the role of bounty hunter Samus Aran, who is on the prowl on the planet Tallon IV. In a world full of deep, dark tunnels, you are completely on your own. For a shooter, the game comes with a lot of puzzle elements to solve to find your way.

Electronic visor with all information

The electronic visor in the heroine’s space suit, which always has a radar and information about the opponents at hand, helps with orientation. The first-person view from inside the space helm is truly captivating, especially when opposed by the rival Metroid parasites.

Originally released in 2003, the game has been given a thorough makeover for the Switch. Enemies and game worlds look much more modern, but still stay close to the style of the original. Control benefits from the second joystick of the Switch joycons, allowing movement of the camera and crosshairs simultaneously. At that time, the Gamecube still had to have automatic help with aiming.

The remake proves to be a hit

Although Nintendo hasn’t changed much else, the remake is already proving to be a hit. Critics describe the game as one of the best examples of how to bring an old game back to the market. Whether for “Metroid” fans or newcomers: “Metroid Prime Remastered” is a journey into the past that should pay off.

„Metroid Prime Remastered“
And fire: Metroid Prime Remastered gets down to business. © Nintendo/dpa-tmn

Metroid Prime Remastered is available for Nintendo Switch and costs around 60 euros. dpa