McDonald’s plans to test Beyond Meat plant burgers in the U.S.


Beyond Meat rose 4.3% after it was previously reported that McDonald’s will test-sell the artificial meat burger McPlant developed in cooperation with the company in eight restaurants in the United States next month.According to media reports, McDonald’s plans to conduct small-scale operational tests on Beyond Meat’s McPlant burgers in eight branches in different regions of the United States. The test is expected to continue until early December. It is understood that this will be the first test of plant burgers by McDonald’s in the United States.


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Test locations include Irving and Carrolton in Texas; Cedar Falls in Iowa; Jennings and Lake Charles in Louisiana; El Segundo and Manhattan Beach in California.

What will McPlant Burger look like?

Jonathan Maze reported: “The burger’s patties are made of peas, rice, potatoes and beets. It is sandwiched with sesame seeds.breadIt is served with tomatoes, lettuce, kimchi, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and American cheese. “This burger will not be vegan because it is made on the same grill as the meat burger and contains cheese.


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