Marvelous to hold 4th period of indie game incubation program “iGi”

Marvelous <7844> announced at the sponsored “iGi indie Game incubator (hereinafter referred to as iGi)” that the third period of the program ended with the demo day held in October, and the fourth period has been decided. .

The five teams selected in the third period participated in various events such as BitSummit (July) and Tokyo Game Show (September), and had many opportunities to promote their works. The five teams in the third phase will decide on a publisher based on their own strength and judgment while leveraging the knowledge and connections they have gained through iGi’s program.


In addition, at BitSummit, last year’s iGi 1st generation member “NeverAwake” won the “Vermilion Award ” this year, iGi 3rd generation member “Death the Guitar” won the Vermilion Award (Grand Prize*), and this is the second consecutive year that iGi participants He achieved the great feat of winning an award.
*“Vermilion Award (Grand Prize)” is an award given to the most outstanding work in “BitSummit”

iGi, which has built up a track record of supporting creators in this way, will begin recruiting for the 4th generation on its official website from December 15th. In addition, it has been decided that an information session will be held to help more indie game creators understand the iGi program.

[Recruiting 4th generation students]
Recruitment period: December 15, 2023 – February 15, 2024
How to apply: iGi official website () at

[About the briefing session]
Date and time:
Tuesday, December 19, 2023 15:00-16:30 *Admission starts at 14:45
Location: Red Bull Gaming Sphere (real event)
Address: Felte Nakano B1F, 3-33-18 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
How to make a reservation:
*Reservation required
*Free participation fee


・Regarding iGi support content
・Talk session on indie game development by iGi alumni, management, and mentors
·Question-and-answer session

(About the iGi program)
iGi indie Game incubator is Japan’s first incubation program for indie games. We will help you deliver your work to the world by providing development and business support through a total of 400 hours of free mentoring, and by connecting you with investors and publishers through pitch events.

Program name: iGi indie Game incubator (abbreviation: iGi “Igi”)
Program period: 4th period: 6 months from April to October 2024 (planned)
Sponsor: Marvelous Co., Ltd.
Program construction cooperation: GameBCN (Barcelona, ​​Spain)
Program management cooperation: Head High Co., Ltd., Ludimus Co., Ltd.
*You can check the program implementation details and recruitment requirements on the official website.
Official site: