Mark Zuckerberg’s Response to Controversy: Apple Fans Unwilling to Accept Criticism Despite High Price of Vision Pro Head.

Gamingdeputy reported on February 17th that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently released a video listing 9 factors.The conclusion is that the $500 Quest 3 headset is not only more value for money than the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro, but also has a better product experience.

After Zuckerberg’s video of “selling melons and boasting about myself” was uploaded, huge controversy arose, and the video was compared to Steve Ballmer’s ridicule iPhone event.


Zuckerberg said in the video that the Quest 3 headset is more suitable for “most mixed reality headset uses.” Gamingdeputy summarizes the relevant selling points based on the video content as follows:

  • The Quest 3 headset is only one-seventh the price of the Vision Pro

  • The Quest 3 headset can achieve high-quality passthrough on large screens like the Vision Pro.

  • The Quest 3 headset is lighter and more comfortable to wear, with a weight reduction of 120 grams.

  • When users wear the Quest 3 headset and move around, there will be no wires in the way.

  • The field of view is wider and the screen is brighter.

  • Vision Pro experiences motion blur when the wearer moves. Quest is much clearer.

  • Precision controllers and hand tracking are available, and the Quest's hand tracking is even more precise.

  • Quest’s library of immersive content goes even deeper.

  • You can watch YouTube or play Xbox games

After Apple released the iPhone, Ballmer publicly mocked Apple's phone as “not going to make much noise.” Five years later, Apple's iPhone revenue alone exceeded Microsoft's overall sales.

In an interview with the Morning Brew Daily podcast today, Zuckerberg explained the reason why he released this video, believing that some media had preconceived the idea that Vision Pro was a better product than Quest 3:

I see reports in the media that go something like this: “The Vision Pro is an Apple product, and it's such an expensive product, so it must be a better quality product, even though a lot of people are saying, hey, no, you should Go buy the Quest 3 because it’s a better price.”

What I'm trying to say is that just because something is seven times more expensive doesn't mean it's better. If you look at it on a use case basis, the Quest 3 performs really well. I'm proud of the work we do. So, I just wanted to get that out there.

As for Zuckerberg being accused by netizens of being “the next Ballmer”, he responded:


First of all, I don't mean to laugh at Apple's Vision Pro. I'm serious about Apple. I think it's a good company. They did a great job. I'm just laying out the facts I saw today.

I'm not saying they won't improve, but we will too. And we're a fast-moving company, so I think we'll probably go even faster.

Zuckerberg also shared his thoughts on Apple fans, tying it into the open vs. closed ecosystem argument:

Some Apple fans get upset every time someone dares to question whether Apple will become the leader in a new category, but the reality is that every computer generation comes in both open and closed models.

Throughout the history of computer development, each generation of major products has had an open model, which pays more attention to partnerships and is more beneficial to developers. And in closed mode, it's usually just Apple and basically just integrating all their stuff tightly together.

Yes, in mobile, Apple's closed model wins. Technically, there are more Android phones now, but from a business perspective, Apple basically wins. And then in all developed countries, where people can afford their products, people basically prefer the iPhone.

Gamingdeputy has attached a link to the complete interview content. Interested users can visithere.

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