Mapping the Real Locations of Secret Fallout Vaults: Unveiling the Bunkers’ Hidden Locations

The live-action film adaptation of Fallout has been one of the most sought-after series on Amazon for weeks. Vaults play a central role in both the video game series and the series. Fans bring viewers closer to the legendary vaults and show where they might be located.

Fallout on Google Earth

At the time of writing, Amazon Prime Video's Fallout series is on the second place among the most popular streaming series Germany. It is based on the hit game series and brings a fresh spin with new characters. Of course, this series also includes a vault, but where would it be located in our world? (Source: JustWatch).


You don't know the series yet? Get a first impression:

Danger! The following text contains a spoiler!

Game and film fans often show their creativity, be it through crafting, drawing or building. But creativity can also be digital. Fallout fan Nikki decided to create one Comprehensive map of the US Vaults under her account “Tunnelsnakesfool”.

It was based on a screenshot of the map seen during an important meeting at Vault-Tech in the final episode of the series. This Google Earth fileenriched with some georeferences, is available for download on their Discord server.


However, Nikki is not the first to take up this idea. Adam Whithead, known as “Werthead”, created a map with the vaults from the games some time ago and has now supplemented it with the vaults from the series.

Fans are waiting for Fallout 5

In 2015, Fallout 4, the final part of the main games, was released. Fans are now eagerly awaiting Fallout 5, which has been officially confirmed by Bethesda, but with no set release date. It is likely that it will take a few more years. The Elder Scrolls 6 is scheduled to appear before that. Further details are not yet known.