Malware is doing great in Office 365. The average response time is over 27 days

Malware is doing great in Office 365. The average response time is over 27 days

Microsoft’s cloud, or more precisely, Office 365, is a hotbed of malware, according to an allegation that recently appeared on Twitter. Microsoft seems to take all reports of malware lightly.

Kevin Beaumont, until recently associated with security at Microsoft, called on Twitter to change something about the speed of the company’s response to detected threats in the cloud – he writes Windows Report . As it turns out, in practice, Office 365 platrofma still serves as a vault for malware, and one of the most commonly found here is Conti ransomware.

The complaint shows that the process of reporting detected problems, even by employees, is not the easiest one, and the company’s response time may leave much to be desired. Statistics show that Microsoft removes a known threat on average in more than 27 days – for comparison, Google needs an average of less than 15 days to do this, although there are more addresses leading to malware here.


Conti ransomware is a typical software that encrypts files on a computer, with the help of which attackers demand a ransom for sharing the decryption key. In addition, there is often a threat of making the data public. Conti ransomware has been observed mainly since 2020 and is a real threat to this day.

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