Mod for Mafia: Definitive Edition brings back public transport in the game

Mafia: Definitive Edition train ride mod

Back Story: Steam users have been asking developers for months to add gangsters and public transport to Mafia: Definitive Edition (which were available back in the original 2002 game), but the developers completely ignored their requests.

And if the problem with the missing gangsters in the Free Walk was partially solved by the modifications Free Ride Deluxe and Assassination Contracts a few months ago. The non-working public transport was a problem until yesterday. One of the fans of the game came to the rescue, who finally released a mod that adds public transport to the game.

Version 1.0 only added functional trams, but yesterday the mod received update 2.0, after which the elevated metro became available for travel.

For the mod to work, you need to install the Nomad Group Scripthook, as well as the Multi-Submenu Extension.

You can download the mod from Nexusmods. With the help of the mod, you can now fully enjoy the beauties of the updated Lost Haven:

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