MacX MediaTrans – Backup and Manage Data on iPhone

The MacX MediaTrans utility is a convenient option for backing up and managing data stored on iPhone. As part of a special promotion dedicated to World Backup Day on March 31, it can be temporarily downloaded for free.

The free download option can be found here. Online developers. The only requirement is to apply for a license with a valid email address. After that, the program can be used in the current version without any restrictions. Unlike the purchased version of MaxX MediaTrans, future updates and new features will not be available.

In addition to the general iPhone backup function, the program also offers various other options, especially in relation to the music stored on the smartphone. The developers promise not only a significantly higher data transfer speed, but also the ability to convert music files from formats such as FLAC or WMA to iPhone-compatible MP3 while transferring them to the device.

Built-in ringtone creation function

In addition, with MacX MediaTrans, you can create iOS-compatible ringtones and add them directly to your iPhone. The source material can be in FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, AAC or MP3 formats, the files will be converted accordingly by the program, and also trimmed to the maximum 40 seconds that the ringtone can have. A small editor allows you to independently determine the desired section of the audio file.

MacX MediaTrans is distributed by the manufacturers of the MacXDVD DVD ripper and has been on the market for many years. Depending on the distribution model, the price of the program, which is also available in a Windows version, is typically €34.95 for an unlimited license and €19.95 for an annual subscription.

For free download and you need to activate the license in the next few days.

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