macOS Sonoma Introduces New Aerial Wallpaper Lock Screen

macOS Sonoma or macOS 14 is a new version of the Mac operating system.It comes with several new features such as desktop widgets, FaceTime and iMessage improvements, web app support, and new PDF editing tools.But macOS Sonoma also has a new lock screen and aerial wallpapers.Read on as we detail how it works.

First look at the new lock screen in macOS Sonoma

As announced by Apple at WWDC 2023, macOS Sonoma comes with new aerial splash screens similar to those already available on tvOS for Apple TV users.But on the Mac, they’re part of something bigger—a new redesigned lock screen similar to the one on iPadOS.

Macs have always had a lock screen that appears when you wake up your computer or switch between users.However, most users may never have paid much attention to the macOS lock screen.But with macOS Sonoma, the lock screen has become more visible.First, it looks exactly like the lock screen on the iPhone and iPad, with the clock and date at the top of the screen.

The new version of macOS comes with several new wallpapers – yes, you read that right, wallpapers.More specifically, there are 22 new wallpapers available, organized into the following categories: Landscape, Cityscape, Underwater, and Earth.But these wallpapers also work on the lock screen.

macOS Sonoma Introduces New Aerial Wallpaper Lock Screen, Here's How It Works

When you select one of these wallpapers, it appears as a static image on your desktop.But as soon as your Mac enters the lock screen, the wallpaper moves like an air splash.When you unlock your Mac, it smoothly stops moving and stays in that frame.Here’s how Apple describes the new feature:

New slow-motion screensavers of breathtaking locations around the world look great on the big Mac display.When you log in, they easily become your desktop wallpaper.

macOS Sonoma Introduces New Aerial Wallpaper Lock Screen, Here's How It WorksmacOS Sonoma Introduces New Aerial Wallpaper Lock Screen, Here's How It Works

Here’s how to try the beta

Developers can now try out macOS Sonoma by registering their Mac with the Apple Developer Program.More information on how to get the beta update can be found on the Apple Developer website.Apple says macOS Sonoma will be released to everyone this fall, with a public beta expected by July.

macOS Sonoma is compatible with Macs released in 2018 and later.