Mac prices go up, iPhone prices go down

Apple has once again adjusted the prices of many of its devices. The Company does this from time to time in response to market value changes and new product releases. This time, Apple has adjusted the trade-in prices for iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch, while the iPad trade-in price has remained the same.

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Apple says:

You can easily trade in the right device for credit for your next purchase, or get an Apple Gift Card that you can use anytime. If your device is not eligible for credit, we will recycle it free of charge. No matter the model or condition, we can turn it into something good for you and the planet.

Trade-in iPhone prices:

As you can see below, this time around, the trade-in price cuts primarily affected Apple’s newer iPhones, with many of the older units remaining the same price (via MacRumors):

iPhone 13 Pro Max – up to $570 (instead of $650) iPhone 13 Pro – up to $470 (instead of $550) iPhone 13 up to $400 (instead of $450) iPhone 13 mini – up to $350 (instead of $380) iPhone 12 Pro Max – Up to $400 (up from $480) iPhone 12 Pro – Up to $330 (up from $400) iPhone 12 – Up to $300 (same) iPhone 12 mini – Up to $250 (same) iPhone SE (2nd generation) – Up to $100 (same) iPhone 11 Pro Max – up to $280 (up from $330) iPhone 11 Pro – up to $230 (up from $330) $250) iPhone 11 – up to $200 (same) iPhone XS Max – up to $200 (same) iPhone XS – up to $160 (same) iPhone XR – up to $150 (same) same) iPhone X – up to $130 (same) iPhone 8 Plus – up to $100 (same) iPhone 8 – up to $75 (same) iPhone 7 Plus – up to $50 (up from $60) iPhone 7 – up to $40 (same)

Apple Watch exchange prices:

Apple Watch Series 7: up to $160 (up from $155) Apple Watch Series 6: up to $105 (no change) Apple Watch SE: up to $65 (up from $70) Apple Watch Series 5: up to $75 (up from $70) $80) Apple Watch Series 4: up to $45 (up from $45)

Trade-in prices for Macs:

MacBook Pro: up to $670 (up from $630) MacBook Air: up to $460 (up from $440) MacBook: up to $110 (up from $100) iMac Pro: up to $600 (no change) iMac: up to $530 (same) Mac Pro: up to $1250 (same) Mac mini: up to $340 (up from $305)

On Apple’s trade-in website, you can check trade-in fees for all Apple devices. You can view an archived version of the pages here to compare values ​​over time.