M2 MacBook Air uncatchable in the browser

The new M2 chip in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2022 keeps the pressure on the Intel and AMD competition high: weeks ago, benchmarks showed the remarkable increase in performance despite continued use of a 5nm process. The MacBook Air is also incredibly fast on the web, as new tests show.

The M2 is an impressive further development of the M1 chips, this conclusion can be drawn without qualification. Although Apple was forced to use a 5nm process again, it managed to increase the performance significantly compared to the M1, which was already shown by early benchmarks comparing the M2 with its predecessors. Applepage.de reported.

The practical impact of these accelerations is always difficult to say, so other test runs are consulted to get more tangible estimates. For example, the performance in the web browser is often measured.

The M2 is crazy fast

The developer David Heinemeier ran some tests with Tacho 2.0, a benchmark tool developed by Apple for measuring performance with Safari.

It scored around 400 here, which would be a third higher than the M1 and A15 in the iPhone 13, compared to a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7, the performance increased by a factor of 2.5.

MacWorld was largely able to achieve these results confirm. The Safari Technology Preview got an even faster 420 points.

The test was also carried out with Chrome. Version 104 scored around 310 points on the M1, and 339 points on the MacBook Air and M2. However, it must be noted that Tacho has been specially optimized for the use of Safari and adapted to its peculiarities. Whether Chrome is actually the fastest browser on all platforms, as Google always claims, remains to be seen.

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