Luigi's Mansion 2 HD arrives Thursday on Nintendo Switch

Venture into the eerie Valley of Shadows and explore haunted mansions full of prankster ghosts and supernatural mysteries.

June 25, 2024 – Join Luigi, the sensitive-hearted hero armed with his trusty Electroblast 5000, and embark on a frightening quest with Luigi's Mansion 2 HD on Nintendo Switch on Thursday June 27.


A terrifying fog shrouds the Valley of Shadows, and the strange dark moon, which once illuminated the region, calming the land's ghostly inhabitants, has been mysteriously shattered. Discovering this strange phenomenon, Professor K. Tastroff calls on Luigi to prevent the specters from turning the valley upside down! Will our hero manage to overcome his fears, restore the Black Moon, and bring peace to the region?

To recover the fragments of the Shattered Black Moon, you will have to explore haunted mansions infested with all kinds of ghosts. Beware of the shock waves caused by the red Grobras, dodge the furniture thrown by the Hide and Seeker, and be careful not to get stuck in the traps left by the yellow Gobblers! The Boos are also there and represent a real challenge, even for the most seasoned ectoplasm hunters. Every mansion you visit is full of ghosts, and each mansion is stranger than the last.

To face the malicious specters, Luigi can count on numerous inventions from Professor K. Tastroff, including the incredible Ectoblast 5000! Its Spectroflash accessory allows you to dazzle ghosts to stun them before sucking them inside the device. Be careful though: your targets will do anything to escape and some of them will give you a hard time! Another accessory of the Ectoblast 5000, the Reveloscope, projects a rainbow beam that reveals hidden ghosts, invisible objects, and many other things!

Finally, you can form a team of four, online or in local wireless multiplayer, to brave the Haunted Tower as a group, a gigantic building teeming with ghosts and challenges that are not present in the main adventure. Gather your team and try to reach the top together!


Luigi's Mansion 2 HD is expected on Nintendo Switch on Thursday, June 27. Accompany Luigi on a terrifying quest to find the fragments of the Black Moon and restore peace to the Valley of Shadows. Prepare to visit mysterious mansions infested with ghosts that you can neutralize with new inventions like the Octoblast 5000. Up to four players can form a team to face the challenges of the Haunted Tower, a building teeming with ghosts and challenges absent from Luigi's main adventure.