Long-Awaited Return: The Batman Arkham Series Makes a Risky Comeback in 2024

Game news After 9 years of waiting, the Batman Arkham saga is back: the next video game takes risks in 2024


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During Summer Game Fest, Batman Arkham Shadow came out of the shadows to present us with a very nice trailer. The excitement is building and there is something to be said for it.


The Dark Knight finally returns…

For a long time, Rocksteady was a very popular studio: it must be said that the British firm made a huge splash with Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009, a hit which greatly influenced the action game industry and superheroes. Since then, the English have repeated the feat with Batman Arkham City in 2011, then Batman Arkham Knight in 2015, undoubtedly the peak of their career.

Because since then, we can't really say that the company has shone brightly: the fault of a project kept secret for years and years, which turned out to be a Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, delayed many times and which finally turned into a terrible cold shower at the start of 2024. Obviously, many regret the Batman Arkham saga, which has been missing for… nine years now. Rest assured, it finally returns with Batman: Arkham Shadow.

After a first trailer in May, Batman Arkham Shadow showed itself a little more concretely during the Summer Game Fest which was held a few days ago. As a figurehead, a trailer dedicated solely to the story, to be enjoyed at the start of the article in our video player. For this new adventure, Bruce Wayne will have the Rat King among his main antagonists.

After 9 years of waiting, the Batman Arkham saga is back: the next video game takes risks in 2024

Let's note some important details: yes, the game will be canonical and will belong to the universe of the Batman Arkham saga that we know so well. It will nevertheless be a story located between Batman Arkham Origins (developed by Warner Bros. Montreal, let's remember in passing) and Batman Arkham Asyum. Enough to give a lot of interest to a community which was only asking for that.

On the other hand, the other imperative to know is that Batman Arkham Shadow will be a VR video game only, and exclusive to the Meta Quest III headset. If the experience looks really attractive, it is also a constraint for many, who are not necessarily fans of technology or simply do not have the product in question. For Warner Bros Games too, this is a definite risk: who knows, maybe the game will later arrive on Steam or on PS5 via PlayStation VR2, for example.

After 9 years of waiting, the Batman Arkham saga is back: the next video game takes risks in 2024After 9 years of waiting, the Batman Arkham saga is back: the next video game takes risks in 2024

Finally, let us try to clarify that the software is not developed by Rocksteady but by Camouflajan American studio specializing in virtual reality and having already released titles like Marvel's Iron Man VR or République VR. This new production will therefore be available on Meta Quest 3 only during fall 2024.

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