LogicLinks Launches Texas Hold’em Poker Master Match Collaboration Campaign with “LinksMate,” Offering Free Drinks and Lunch Boxes, and 6 Months of Savings on Costs

LogicLinks has started a campaign on its MVNO service “LinksMate” from December 14, 2023 (Thursday), giving away drinks and lunch boxes limited to 100 people, and saving the initial cost and 6 months of monthly costs.

LinksMate official websitehttps://linksmate.jp/


■About the “Texas Hold’em Poker Master Collaboration Campaign”

Until Saturday, December 30, 2023, we will be running a great campaign as the “Texas Hold’em Poker Master Match Collaboration Campaign”.

1. Up to 11,000 yen discount on new application fees!

If you are a new user of LinksMate and sign up for a new contract using the coupon code listed on the campaign page, you will receive up to 11,000 yen off the initial cost.


*Applicable to new applicants who complete their application using a coupon code between the start of the campaign and 23:59 on Saturday, December 30, 2023.

*Please note that even if you start your application during the campaign, if the campaign has ended by the time you complete your application, the discount will not be applied.

*This campaign is only applicable to new contracts, and group additions are not eligible.

*Please note that if you complete your application without using a coupon, you will not be able to receive a discount later.

2. Plan fees are half price for all plans for 6 months!

If you are a new user of LinksMate and sign up for a new contract during the campaign period, you can get 6 months of plan fees at half price for all plans!

*Applicable to those who sign a new contract between the start of the campaign and 23:59 on Sunday, December 31, 2023.

*The discount amount will be half of the amount of “Fees (monthly)” in the plan table listed on the “Plans/Fees” page. (If the discount amount is a decimal point, it will be rounded up.)

*Additional SIM charges are not eligible for discount.

*6 months does not include the prorated initial cost of the plan.

3. Limited to the first 100 people! Drinks and lunch boxes will be given away at the Meijin Tournament venue!

Limited to the first 100 people! If you are a paid LinksMate member, go to the Meijin Tournament venue and show the “Drink & Lunch Receive Button” to the staff and you will receive one drink and lunch of your choice!

*To participate in the campaign, you will need an account with LinksMate.

*This campaign will distribute benefits on a first-come, first-served basis, and will end as soon as the benefits run out, even during the campaign period.

*Once you press the receive button, you cannot press the receive button again.

Campaign period:

Until Saturday, December 30, 2023, 23:59

*Please check the URL below for details on the above campaign.

■What is “Texas Hold’em Poker Master Tournament”?

Beyond the top-

The “Texas Hold’em Poker Masters” is a game in which Japan’s best players put their pride on the line.

This year as well, a heated competition will begin in Daikanyama.

Meijin match schedule:

Saturday, December 23, 2023 – Saturday, December 30, 2023

Click here for details

■What is “LinksMate”?

“LinksMate” is a service that provides data communication for game players, and it has a “Count Free Option” that gives you more than 90% off

data communication counts for games, content, and SNS, as well as collaboration with target games. It features “game linkage” where you can receive benefits from each game by doing so.

*The amount of communication is stated based on LinksMate’s own research results. Communication usage may be counted depending on the content and game updates. Please note.

*For details on the count-free option, please check the URL below.

(C) LogicLinks, Inc.