Location Research laboratories (Kinglors Forest)

Real gold mines of various materials and information, the Resistance Laboratories are distributed throughout the open world. At total of 19 in the Kinglors Forest alone, it can be easy to get lost in all this density. This is why we show you the exact location of these laboratories at a glance below (they are represented by yellow stars), then in detail by region afterwards.

How to supply the Resistance Laboratories?

Each of these Resistance Laboratories is resolved in the same way:


  • Find a outer yellow casing and aim with the SID to power it.
  • Follow the wires from this box to the next one, maybe one or two knots before accessing the general power supply often located on the floor in the laboratory.
  • Sometimes, a second external source via a yellow box will be necessary to access the internal nodes.

In each of these Laboratories, you will find ammunition but also spare parts (crucial for improving weapons in particular) as well as a communication terminal giving you side quests in places. Notes and recordings may also be present, as may a crafting station, cooking station, campfire and fast travel point, so keep your eyes peeled.

Canal Valley

The Canal Valley has 3 research laboratories, of which here is an overview.

Swamp Laboratory

This lab is located in the southeast of the area, near the RDA Hydro-Injector Bravo facility.

River Delta Station

This second laboratory is located almost in the extreme southeast of the map, in the middle of the body of water, on a small island.

Green Sage Laboratory

This last laboratory in the zone is located to the north of it, between two RDA installations, the Delta Dredge and the Bravo Steam Outpost.

Weavers’ Circle

The Circle of Weavers has only one research laboratory.

Avatar fop weavers labs 12

Isolated laboratory

The unique laboratory in this region is located in the far north of it, east of the Resistance HQ.

Stoneblade Ridge

The Stoneblade Ridge region is equipped with only one research laboratory.

Avatar fop laboratories crete blade stone 15

Open-air station

This station is located rather in the north of the zone, between three RDA installations: the Charlie Laser Prospector to the south, the Bravo Drilling Outpost to the north, and the terrible Alpha Ore Laser Processing Plant to the East. Teleport to Camp Na’vi Calm Waters to be as close as possible and go there on foot to avoid the anti-aircraft turrets.

Silky Forest

The Silken Forest is the area with the most laboratories, since it has 5 of them alone.

Avatar fop laboratories silky drill 18

Forest Valley Laboratory

This laboratory is in the far northeast of the area, east of the Treehouse and the Great Loom Na’vi Camp teleport point.

Roche station

Located to the southeast of this area, Station de la Roche is also to the north of Île de la Bobine, very close to the junction with the Shady Woods area.

Valley of the Sun Laboratory

This laboratory is located in the middle of the Silken Forest, very close to Hunter’s Cape.

Prairie Station

South of Waterdrop Island, far southwest of Silken Forest.

Grand Oak Laboratory

In the far northwest of the Silken Forest, at the foot of one of the large pillars of the rock arches in the north of the Kinglors Forest.

Upward arrows

The Ascending Arrows like to research since they have 3 laboratories on their perimeter.

Avatar fop laboratories ascending arrows 29

Dalle Laboratory

This laboratory is located in the far east of the area, at the water’s edge.

Pierrier Station

South of the Ascending Arrows, teleport to the Alpha Hydraulic Extractor then go northwest to find this laboratory between several rocky peaks.

Vertigo Laboratory

This laboratory is located in the extreme northwest of this sub-region, adjacent to a polluted camp in the GDR. Teleport to Camp Na’vi Wonder of the Weaver to be closer.

Shady woods

Shade woods are very abundant in areas of the GDR and particularly in laboratories, since there are no less than 4 of them.

Avatar fop wood laboratories 36

Shady Lair Laboratory

It is located isolated in the far west of the map, near the Force of Echoes subregion.

Station of Solitude

Further east, on the edge of the Winding Stream, very close to the GDR’s Charlie Horizontal Mine.

Shady Leaning Station

South-west of the previous one, between the Charlie Horizontal Mine, the Surface Stream and the Delta Gas Extractor.

Peaceful Leaf Laboratory

Further east, between the Charlie Horizontal Mine and the Alpha Gas Extraction Plant.

Tulle lakes

The Tulle Lakes region ends the walk with its 2 distinct laboratories (overview below taken from the Misty Forest).

Avatar fop laboratories lakes tulle 45

Cascades Laboratory

The Cascades Laboratory is located on the water’s edge, in the middle of the Tulle Lakes area, close to the Tarsyu flower.

Vertbois Laboratory

The last laboratory in the Kinglors Forest region is located to the west, near the border with the Shadewoods, and the DDR Bravo Oil Extractor structure.

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