Listing the Different Types of Online Scratch Cards

The online casino gaming world is known for its convenience, availability and variety. When playing casino games online, there are numerous versions of slots, Blackjack and other casino titles for you to choose from. And online Scratch Cards are no exception to that.

In this article, we offer a comprehensive overview of the different types of online scratch card games. Continue reading!


Bingo Scratch Cards

As the name implies, these Scratch Card games resemble a Bingo theme. They are quite similar to that of Bingo games in terms of the graphics, theme and other finer details. Besides, Bingo Scratch Cards are usually Flash-based games. This means that it’s possible for you to access Bingo Scratch Cards in instant play mode.

The basic premise of Bingo Scratch Cards is quite similar to that of Bingo games, but there are some key differences as well. Rather than having a complete Bingo card, you get a line of three numbers that you need to match with numbers from the balls drawn.

Here are some of the most popular kinds of Bingo Scratch Cards:


Bubble Bingo: Here, you receive up to 12 cards simultaneously. When playing Bubble Bingo games, you stand the chance to get up to 3 cards in potential winnings.

The 60s: This Scratch Card version is based on the 75-Ball Bingo game. Here, you buy a maximum of four tickets and win if the numbers on your cards match the numbers thrown from the ball dispenser.

Casino Scratch Cards

The main theme of Casino Scratch Cards is based on popular casino classics such as Blackjack, Poker and Slots. They are quite popular among players who enjoy playing Slots and other casino classics. Again, you can instantly access casino scratch cards from the browser of your desktop PC or mobile device.

Blackjack-themed Scratch Cards: Inspired by the game of Blackjack, these Scratch Card games involve the dealing of two cards. One card is given to you and the other is given to the dealer. You win Blackjack-themed Scratch Cards if you manage to beat the dealer.

Roulette-themed Scratch Cards: These Scratch Cards involve the usage of a virtual Roulette wheel. Here, a Roulette wheel is spun to generate numbers. As a player, your aim is to try to match these generated numbers with the numbers on your card.

Lottery Scratch Cards

These Scratch Cards are inspired by traditional lottery games. A great thing about lottery Scratch Cards is that they’re instant win games. So, all you need to do is scratch off the virtual coating and reveal the numbers to check whether you’ve won. Lottery Scratch Cards are quite exciting and offer ultimate fun and entertainment.

Jackpot Scratch Cards

As the name suggests, Jackpot Scratch Cards come with a jackpot reward. The jackpot amounts are not like the regular prizes; they are quite huge and can even be life-changing in some cases. Interestingly, many Jackpot Scratch Cards come with low wagering amounts, so players of all budgets can easily access them.