Limited Opportunity: Buy one of the top assassin games on Steam before it’s too late!

Yes, Assassin’s Creed isn’t bad, but you hardly feel like a real assassin in the Ubisoft games. Things look completely different with Dishonored 2. The mix of action and stealth adventure is currently being sold off on Steam. Anyone who doesn’t take action has only themselves to blame.

Dishonored 2 in the Steam sale for 2.99 euros

Every day is a bargain day in the Steam Shop! There are countless games on offer at any time of the day, some of which are even heavily discounted.


This now also applies to a real stealth treat. Because until November 21, 2023 you can still Dishonored 2 on Steam for crap 2.99 euros to back up. For comparison: Bethesda’s Assassin hit regularly costs 29.99 euros on Steam – so you save a whopping 90 percent.

If you just want to quickly get through the main story of the game, you can plan around 12 hours. On the other hand, if you want to find all the extras to satisfy your inner completionist, you can do just that Playtime of over 40 hours calculate (Source: HowLongToBeat).

In addition, it is worthwhile Play through Dishonored 2 multiple times. Because you can go on the adventure as Corvo Atano, the patron of Empress Emily Kaldwin, or slip into the role of Emily herself. Both characters have different abilities that you can expand as the game progresses. Teleportation, slowing down time, pulling opponents into the air with a kind of tentacle arm – every pot finds its lid here.

It’s up to you whether you sneak around your opponents as unseen as possible and fly through the levels like a shadow, or eliminate your opponents with brutal attacks. Dishonored 2 offers you a lot of freedom and toys to let off steam in the sandbox levels to your heart’s content.


We’ll tell you in the video how well Dishonored 2 did in the GIGA test:

Dishonored 2: An underrated gaming gem

A Metascore of 86 points on the PC, 89 percent positive reviews on Steam: Dishonored 2 is clearly a gaming gem that is underestimated by many (source: Metacritic / Steam). Probably many players can do this Steampunk the game’s reminiscent setting or are used to a larger open game world like Assassin’s Creed.

But anyone who is prepared for it and appreciates how much scope Dishonored 2 offers will definitely fall for the assassin adventure. And if you’re still not convinced, just see how smooth and cool you can beat your opponents once you’ve got the game down pat:

Dishonored 2 is on offer on Steam for 2.99 euros until November 21, 2023. PS: The predecessor is also reduced and currently only costs 2.49 euros (check it out on Steam).