Lies of P., the Soulslike with Pinocchio will be localized in Italian

Lies of P is an interesting product, with an unusual premise that makes us very proud and now this soulslike becomes even more Italian with the official confirmation of the localization in our language.

This is another piece of information that adds to what we have been learning for several weeks. Since when NEOWIZ has officially announced that it is working on a soulslike by flavor back and with an exceptional protagonist: the most lying liar there is.

Lies of P., Soulslike with Pinocchio will be localized in Italian (photo: Youtube)

Certainly Collodi would not have expected that his creature, however the protagonist of a story in itself already surreal, would end up turning into the protagonist of such a game. adult, set in the Belle Epoque and with a generous hint of soulslike. There is only one cornerstone in the NEOWIZ game. There quest principal remains the same.

What the guys from the NEOWIZ development team have decided to do seems like a real stroke of genius. After all, Pinocchio had never been used as a starting point for a video game, let alone a video game toned like this dark And adults. Although, on closer reading, even Collodi’s story is certainly not the slightly gooey tale that Disney tries to convey to us. From the first trailer expectations of this new game have grown and even if one is still missing official release datemeanwhile, we can be happy that when it comes out, Lies of P will also be enjoyable in Italian.

Lies of P., the Soulslike with Pinocchio will be localized in Italian
Lies of P., the Soulslike with Pinocchio will be localized in Italian (photo: Steam)

And it will be interesting to try to find in the dialogues not only the characters we know but also some of the best known phrases. What is certain is that the game produced by NEOWIZ is first and foremost a game with dark and opulent tones, set in what looks like a Paris out of the best steampunk books, a city that is called in videogame fiction Krat and which represents “the epitome of a collapsed city plundered of its wealth”And inhabited by a whole series of monsters.

The only way to to survive is lie, the developers tell us. Lying and doing some upgrade. Pinocchio, the protagonist, is in fact a puppet and as such it can be improved changing parts of his body – a mechanic we can’t wait to try.

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