LEGO confirms its huge collaboration, fans will go crazy for it

LEGO will once again make an impression with a new collaboration with a cult video game. It’s now official. And it’s a nice surprise. This is what we can learn.

The famous toy company LEGO has officially hinted at its content partnership with Epic Games. By revealing on his social networks a brick construction of the famous Supply Llama from Fortnite. Although details are still unclear, rumors persist around a direct collaboration in the Fortnite game itself.


LEGO is teasing

According to certification records, LEGO plans to release a small set titled Supply Llama, with model number 5008257. This announcement immediately sparked interest and excitement among fans of both franchises. However, to date no specific information has been disclosed. Particularly concerning the release date of this set or the specific details of this collaboration.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the history of LEGO, known for its successful collaborations with various popular franchises. Like Star Wars or Harry Potter. The integration of Fortnite, one of the most popular and influential video games of recent years, into the LEGO universe, testifies to the company’s ability to always try to stay “in the wind”.

A long-standing rumor

Last August, as part of LEGO’s Play Unstoppable campaign, a video was released with popular content creator Loserfruit. Which raised questions. Known in the Fortnite community for her custom skin and various in-game accessories, Loserfruit has also ventured into other gaming universes such as Minecraft. She has also already been supported by LEGO to play LEGO 2K Drive. Its strong connection with the Fortnite universe is obvious. Initially, this partnership between Loserfruit and LEGO could have been seen as a simple marketing strategy. Aiming for example to promote their Play Unstoppable campaign by drawing on the creator’s influence in the world of gaming.

However, one particular detail caught the eye: a custom BrickHeadz, shown at the start of the teaser, faithfully reproduced Loserfruit’s signature skin and pickaxe in Fortnite. Incorporating these elements into the advertisement arguably required Epic Games’ consent. Holder of the rights to these creations. In short, the Fortnite/LEGO link seems to have existed for a while.