Leaked Switch 2 Feature Gives Hope to Players: Desired by All

After around seven years, the Nintendo Switch will finally make room for its successor in 2024 – at least that's what the rumor mill is currently assuming. But what does Nintendo's Switch 2 actually have to offer? Gamers dream of backwards compatibility – and according to a leak, the next handheld console will offer exactly that.

Leak says: Switch 2 will be backwards compatible

The Nintendo Switch wasn't a performance monster when it launched in spring 2017, but after seven years of use, you can tell that the Nintendo handheld is on its last legs. In short: It's time for a successor.


This may even be released this year – at least that's what numerous indications suggest. There is already some speculation about the range of functions. For example, it is assumed that the Switch 2 supports Nvidia's upscaling technology DLSS, which ensures that more stable frame rates can be achieved even at higher resolutions.

However, one of the most important features is backwards compatibility. Many Switch players hope that they can also use their games – whether digital or in the form of a small cartridge – on the Nintendo Switch 2. And as Nintendo insider PH Brazil reports in one of his recent podcasts, that should actually be the case. The Nintendo Switch could actually become backwards compatible (source: OX do Controle via Universonintendo).

What does the Switch 2 have to offer? The editorial team thought about a few things:

What else do we know about the new Nintendo console?

In addition to backwards compatibility, some information about the Switch 2's built-in screen has already appeared. Accordingly, it is an 8-inch LCD display that probably has a Full HD resolution and offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz. It is currently unknown whether the switch supports VRR.


However, initial information about the price is known. It is rumored that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be significantly more expensive than the current model. In this country prices could range from over 500 euros for the new model be called.

Some well-intentioned advice: Don't forget that all information is just rumors and leaks. Nintendo has not yet officially announced the Switch 2, let alone reveal the first technical data about the console. But that could soon change.

Apparently it's not just Nintendo that's working on a new handheld console: