Leak reveals plans for a scrapped story DLC

The whole world is waiting eagerly for it Announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6. At the beginning of December Rockstar will celebrate its 25th anniversary release a first trailer. After numerous leaks and speculations Since the release of GTA 5 in 2013, many fans have had high expectations for Rockstar’s next open-world adventure. But before that happens, data miners were able to find out many exciting details about the predecessor. For example, GTA 5 should have one Obtained story DLCwhich was ultimately turned into content for online mode.

Story DLC for GTA 5 was probably planned

Dataminers have used the leaked Program Debug Database (PDB) from GTA 5 (buy now / €14.5 )a file that is used to find errors, you can find out many exciting details.


Among other things, it talks about Trevor in conjunction with a jetpack, like the user Liam X/Twitter wrote. Accordingly, it is reasonable to assume that this expansion is part of the Doomsday Heist was recycled in GTA Online.

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There will also be the unreleased GTA Online expansion “Cops N’ Crooks” mentioned. The project was launched after the murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests against police violence in the USA crushed in 2020. With the help of the code snippets, it is only possible to a limited extent to reconstruct exactly what plans Rockstar had for the DLC.

Code mentions Bully 2

It should also be noted that I also have one in the PDB code There is a mention of the game Bully 2. Fans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel to the Playstation 2 game for decades. While it’s difficult to say why it’s mentioned in the PDB, it’s clear that Bully 2 was an issue at Rockstar Games at some point.

GTA 5 remains a money-printing machine for Rockstar

Since the game was released in 2013 Rockstar earned $7.7 billion from the title. However, this is only the net sales that the company generated with GTA 5.

In addition, there is income from microtransactions in GTA Online, which should be just as high, if not even higher. Considering how much the gaming industry has grown in the last 10 years, you can imagine what a mega-success GTA 6 could be for Rockstar. Still, that one Publisher Take Two remains cautiouswhen it comes to future predictions.

Source: wcftech, rockstarintel