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Von: Henry Janssen

Persona 5X is the next spinoff in the Persona series. This time, Atlus is making the leap to mobile devices. We show you the first characters and gameplay scenes.

Tokyo, Japan – A new Persona game is coming. To the disappointment of some fans, however, this is not Persona 6, but another Persona 5 spinoff. Persona 5X takes place in the same universe as the main game and offers a new story and characters. We show you all the previously known information about the mobile offshoot Persona 5X.

name of the game Person 5X
Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publishers SEGA
Serie Persona
platforms Android, iOS, PC
developer Black Wings Game Studio
Genre Gacha, JRPG

Persona 5X: First Game in the Series on Mobile Devices – Gacha Game Announced

A Persona mobile game: At first glance, a mobile offshoot seems atypical for the Persona series. However, it is a long-planned endeavor on the part of Atlus. Persona 5X is what is known as a gacha game. You pull characters or items from loot boxes or packs. The most famous gacha game in this country is probably Genshin Impact. In addition to Android and iOS, Persona 5X will also be released for the PC. The extent to which the gameplay and graphics differ from the mobile version has not yet been revealed.

Over the past two years, Persona 5 has had numerous collaborations with established gacha games such as Love Live! or BanG Dream. The goal on the part of Atlus was apparently to inspire as many players of this genre as possible for the franchise before Persona 5X sees the light of day. However, the exact gacha elements of Persona 5X are not yet known.

Persona 5X: Spinoff could be a continuation of the main story

Persona 5X a sequel? If we look at the previous three Persona 5 spinoffs, we can see that Atlus is happy to continue the story of the Phantom Thieves. Such is the case in Persona 5 Strikers, as well as Persona 5 Royale. Only in the Dancing spinoff was the story not expanded.

Persona 5X: Spinoff could be a continuation of the main story © SEGA & Atlus

Persona 5X shows in the last frame of the Gameplay-Trailers Joker, the protagonist of the main game. While it’s not confirmed yet, it’s highly probable that we’ll be able to fight side-by-side with the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5X. It is not yet known whether we will act parallel to the events of Persona 5 or only become active afterwards.

Persona 5X: These characters are already known

First Persona 5X characters: In the story trailer for Persona 5X you could already see the first characters. Besides some well-known confidants like Iwai Munehisa and Tae Takemi, there were also brand new faces. Among other things, from our new male protagonist with the code name Wonder.

Persona 5X CHaraktere Protagonist Velvet Room Luffy
Persona 5X: These Characters Are Already Known © SEGA & Atlus

Our counterpart to Morgana goes by the name of Luffy and is a talking owl. Our first ally in the fight against the Shadows is Arai Suwa, who looks a bit like Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 Golden. Feel free to check out our review of the remaster if you want to return to Inaba again. Last but not least, the new companion from the Velvet Room is named Merope.

Persona 5X: Fans disappointed – No Persona 6 in sight – A Persona 3 remake instead?

No Persona 6: One thing has to be handed to Atlus, they know exactly how to squeeze a game to the max. Obviously not all fans of the series were enthusiastic about the announcement of Persona 5X. Much more was desired with Persona 6, a continuation of the main series.

Persona5x gameplay kampf
Persona 5X: Fans disappointed – No Persona 6 in sight – A Persona 3 remake instead? © SEGA & Atlus

With Persona 5X, however, this seems to be in the distant future. Instead, according to insiders, a Persona 3 remake is to be worked on. This is surprising, since the third part only received a remaster for all current consoles in January. Persona 5 was released almost seven years ago. Persona 5X does not yet have a release date. In China, however, the beta starts on March 29th.