League of Legends 2024 Season Gameplay Revealed: Significant Map Alterations, Fresh Void Creatures, and Numerous Equipment Modifications Unveiled

Gamingdeputy reported on November 21 that “League of Legends” officially released a gameplay introduction video for the 2024 season. The terrain, wild monsters, etc. have been comprehensively changed. Many wild monsters have “void forms.”


Gamingdeputy learned from the video that Baron Longkeng has welcomed several new residents:Void Brood. These void creatures will replace the first Rift Herald of each game.and disappeared 14 minutes into the game, so that Rift Herald can appear. At 5 minutes, three void brood worms will appear in the Dragon Pit.The refresh time is 4 minutes. Each line is calculated and refreshed independently. A maximum of six lines can be refreshed in a game..

When attacked, each Void Brood will release a swarm of Void Worms to attack the enemy. After killing the Void Brood, the entire team will enjoy the “Void Hunger” bonus throughout the game, causing additional continuous damage to buildings. This bonus will stack based on the number of void broods you kill.If you can kill five or six Void Brood Worms, one or two Void Worms will be summoned respectively when attacking a building to attack with you..

The Rift Herald has a Voidbrood-style appearance. After crushing the Eye of the Herald, the Rift Herald will still appear.But the user or his teammates can right-click the vanguard, jump on its back, and control the vanguard to move forward (similar to Sion’s R).

If you ride a vanguard to hit the defense tower,Deals more damage than an unmounted Vanguard. If you hit an enemy hero while riding a Vanguard,The opponent will be damaged and knocked away. After hitting terrain obstacles or defense towers,The hero on the vanguard’s back will be knocked off, and the vanguard will return to its original shape..


The Blue Glyph Golem (blue buff), Crimson Marked Tree Monster (red buff), and Canyon Swift Crab are all affected by the void. After Baron Nashor appears in the canyon at 20 minutes, the red/blue buff will turn into a void creature the next time it is refreshed.

After transformation, they are stronger and more difficult to kill.After being killed, bonuses will be provided to the entire team of the killer.(Except for teammates who are dead when killing).

20 minutes after the opening, the Canyon Swift Crab will be refreshed again after being killed, and it will also become a Void Swift Crab. When the Void Swift Crab is killed, it will release a huge divination flower-like effect.Reveal all enemy heroes and wards in a large area. As with the Divination Flower, a ward revealed in this manner will be reduced to 1 health.

In keeping with Vanguard’s visual upgrades, the Baron has also received a new coat made of pixel paint, and will have three new forms and abilities:

  • The Hunting Baron does not change the terrain of the Dragon Pit, but will drop lightning from the sky to attack nearby enemies.

  • The Separatist Baron will build a wall in front of the dragon’s pit and use his newly grown claws to pull the hero to him.

  • The Omniscient Baron will completely seal the front of the Dragon Pit and open both sides, forming a passage. When attacking, a void rift is opened, forming a continuous damage area in the new passage dragon pit.

Map changes:

Hit the road

  • Adjustments have been made to the red side according to the terrain of the blue side, making the catching routes closer and making it more difficult to catch people on separate routes;


  • Added a small area of ​​wall and grass at the entrance to the river.


  • The biggest terrain adjustment is the new wall directly opposite the Baron and Dragon Pit.

middle road

  • Push the grass back and move a catching route back to give more space in the middle.

bottom lane

  • The first change is similar to the top road, adding a small wall and a small patch of grass on the side;

  • The second change is only for the red side. The blue side’s three grass areas are copied for the red side mirror, and a new capture route is opened next to the defense tower.

In addition, many equipments have been added in the new season, such as the Path Guide, the Travel Guide, the Rune Compass (the above are auxiliary), the demon gun, the storm surge, the ghost mask (the above is the mage), the electromagnetic three-wheel blade, and the blasphemous nine. Head Snake, Forbidden Timing (the above are assassins), Brilliant Echo, Endless Hate, Demon Defeat (the above are tanks), Burning Sky, Hex Injection Wall, Tunnel Drill (the above are warriors), World Bow (shooter) )wait.

Removed Demon’s Embrace, Night Reaper, Luden’s Surge, Stopwatch, Draxa’s Duskblade, Darkstalker’s Claw, Robes of Dusk, Gargoyle Plate, Aegis of the Legion, Bloodthirst Axe, and Divine Separator , Mithril Dawn, Iron Thorn Whip, Furious Knife, Wind Power and other equipment.